Ransomware Attack: A Comprehensive Guide In 7 Easy Points

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With advancement, people are getting insecure about their data and information. The main reason for their insecurities is a virus and malware attack. While the virus can be removed, but malware had a greater impact as it not only hack the data but also threatens the people. The most popular malware is a ransomware attack. Technology has become a part of human life. It has become the left hand of people.

With the advancement in technology, people are getting a variety of facilities which they were not able to get earlier. But everything comes with a price, everything has pros and cons. Technology has a lot of pros, like the ease of doing work, increasing employment, higher knowledge, and giving competition to the developed countries. Even if there is a little disadvantage in this never-ending technology, it has shown a greater impact on people. 

What does ransomware mean?

Ransomware meaning is that it is malicious software that harms the system of a person and demands certain money for recovery. 

Ransomware attack definition.

Ransomware is explained as a kind of malicious programming intended to obstruct admittance to a PC framework until an amount of cash is paid.  Examples of ransomware are Cryptolocker, Bad Rabbit, Goldeneye, and much other advanced ransomware.

In this article let us look at:

  1. What is Ransomware?
  2. Different Types of Ransomware Attacks
  3. Ransomware how it Works?
  4. How to deal with Ransomware?
  5. How do you prevent Ransomware?
  6. How to protect from Ransomware?
  7. How to detect Ransomware?

1. What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a kind of malware from cryptovirology that takes steps to distribute the casualty’s information or unendingly block admittance to it except if a payoff is paid. To protect the system the person has to pay the money at last. If a person well knows about the technology he must know what are ransomware attacks and how to beat ransomware.

2. Different Types of Ransomware Attacks

 There are varieties of ransomware attacks which attacks the system and each type has of attack has a different impact on the system and affect the peoples. A lot of people don’t know what does ransomware do, so there are some Ransomware types :

A) Cryptolocker

It is one of the oldest ransomware types used by hackers. CryptoLocker is the most dangerous type of ransomware since it utilizes solid encryption calculations. It is frequently difficult to decode (reestablish) the Crypto ransomware-tainted PC and documents without paying the payment.

B) Goldeneye

GoldenEye is like the notorious Petya ransomware. It spreads through a monstrous social designing effort that objectives HR offices. At the point when a client downloads a GoldenEye-contaminated record, it quietly dispatches a full scale which scrambles documents on the casualty’s PC.

C) Crysis ransomware

This ransomware attack is generally done by several methods. It may attack because of weak RDP passwords or while downloading legitimate software, it can also attack through games, or through malicious emails. You can protect yourself from the malicious mail attack by simply not opening the emails from an unknown source or id. And in the same way, you can use a well-known website for installing games and software for safety and security.

D) Locky

It is malicious ransomware that affects individuals through email which has Microsoft word documents containing malicious macros. It mainly targets small enterprises. It encrypts the important files in the computer and stores it until the affected party agrees to pay the ransom.

3. Ransomware how it Works?

 Lately, there has been a lot of discussions and the question asked by people that how does ransomware get in, how does ransomware spread, and how does ransomware work. The ransomware process is quite easy for the hackers and the only motive is earning through it and has some fun. There are a lot of ways through which ransomware enters your computer like through emails, downloading games and software, web-based instant messaging, and through many other ways that are unknown to the user. The most common of these are phishing emails which contain emails with malicious attachments. Thus, how is ransomware spread is very difficult to know, even after getting infected a lot of users were not able to get this.

Ransomware analysis:

A proper analysis should be done before fighting anything or taking steps against it. Specialists have examined ransomware variations, yet they are yet to propose a prescient model of ransomware organization strategies. Ransomware acts through various stages, first of all, it asks for unnecessary access, and when provided it changes the information of the device and controls the server. It encrypts the selected files and asks for ransom by showing alert messages. Sometimes, it also resets the pin of the device and asks for a ransom to restore access to the device.

What is ransomware protection?      

Ransomware protection means how to recover ransomware encrypted files and what to do after a ransomware attack. Every individual should be aware of these and protect himself from paying a large amount of sum or ransom. And even if the person gets in trouble they must know how to decrypt ransomware.

4. How to deal with Ransomware?

Since ransomware can disrupt your whole important data and information from the system. It is very important to know how to prevent ransomware or if they have attacked the system, how to protect against ransomware.

5. How do you prevent Ransomware?

It is very important to know how to avoid ransomware attacks. The best way to prevent ransomware are as follows:

  1. Try not to pay the payoff according to ransomware demands. It just supports and finances these assailants. Regardless of whether the payoff is paid, there is no assurance that you will have the option to recapture admittance to your records.
  2. Do utilize content examining and separating on your mail workers. The person should know how to block ransomware and how to clean ransomware.
  3. In the event of traveling, make sure that your IT officer knows how to fight ransomware and how to delete ransomware. Ensure you utilize a reliable Virtual Private Network (VPN) while getting to public Wi-Fi like Norton Secure VPN.
  4. Make sure that each employee in the organization knows about the ransomware guide and how to handle ransomware.

6. How to protect from Ransomware?

The best way to protect against ransomware is you should know how to remove ransomware from your system if they have attacked. For ransomware removal, you can follow some do’s or don’ts:

  1. Showing clients not to visit unapproved sites or snap-on dubious connections inside messages will assist with limiting the danger of phishing tricks and even if it enters the clients must know how to combat ransomware.
  2. Discover approaches to set up non-local delivery of PDF and Microsoft Office reports, with the goal that a program or a custom application is consistently in safe view mode and should know how to check for ransomware.   

7. How to detect Ransomware?

An individual who realizes how to identify ransomware accurately knows to never click interfaces quickly particularly on the off chance that you are having questions about the genuineness of the sender and its substance. An effective way on how to find ransomware is being cautious before downloading the files from anywhere.


Ransomware incidents are being increasing day by day but people are also getting aware of these things and taking measures to stop it like they have started protecting their system from the beginning so that they will not be hampered by the ramson and lose their data and information. By paying close attention while granting the permissions to the app or while installing the unknown apps, this can be avoided.

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