The Importance of Cyber Security In 3 Informative Points


Why is Cybersecurity awareness important?  This article will answer all your critical questions like why is Cybersecurity needed and make you understand the importance of Cyber Security. You will be enlightened about the need for Cybersecurity, threats when you are online, Cybersecurity and its importance, the security measures you can take, and the ability to judge whether you are Cyber secure or not.

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We live in the digital era. This has steadily changed the way you buy things, pay your bills, rent an apartment, watch a movie, and everything else. Whatever you wish for is just a click away! All of this is made possible, because of the internet and electronic media.

Due to this widespread use, there are innumerable incidents of a security breach, fraud, malicious attacks, etc reported. To keep the internet age well-ordered and safe for users, the need for Cybersecurity arises. It secures you from Cyber-criminals, fraudsters, hackers, and anybody who wants to harm you financially, mentally, or engage in data theft online.

In this article, let us look at:

  1. Why is Cyber Security so crucial?
  2. Different Forms of Cyber Security Threats
  3. What does good Cyber Security look like?

1) Why is Cyber Security so crucial?

Our dependency on the internet has become immense. And that provides enough opportunities to the fraudsters to dupe you of your money or other crucial data if you are not cautious.

What is Cybersecurity and why is it important? According to a report, until 2019, Cybercrimes have made off with $2 trillion. And if a research is to be believed, this might increase to $6 trillion if the necessity of Cybersecurity is not understood. An understanding is not enough. It is essential to take proper measures against Cybercrimes.

Why is Cybersecurity important for companies? Big organizations with many employees have a higher risk of getting attacked. This is because of two reasons. Firstly, because the data is of huge importance and secondly even if a single employee does not follow the security protocol the entire organization gets into trouble.

If you are thinking that you are safe and why do we need Cybersecurity and that only bigger organizations get into the trap of hackers or some malware thefts then you are completely wrong. A normal consumer, who is connected to the internet if not vigilant enough, can be trapped easily. Because it is just a matter of minutes to hack an internet-connected device and that is why Cybersecurity matters. This device can be a laptop, desktop, smart television, smartphone, or smartwatch. Every smart device needs a smart user when connected to the internet!

Hope this has brought some awareness about why we need Cybersecurity. So let us now discuss the available online-threats and the importance of Cyber Security in points:

2) Different Forms of Cyber Security Threats

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Infiltrators have designed numerous ways to hack into your system. It is important to be aware of these online threats and the significance of Cybersecurity. Some of the known Cybersecurity threats to date are:

  • Phishing Attacks

This is the most commonly used technique to attack the general public online. In this method, fake text messages and emails are sent to get access to the private information of a particular user. With more and more people getting into this kind of trap, the importance of Cyber Security in modern days increases.

  • Denial -of- service (DoS) Attacks

These attacks are generally considered a nuisance but they enlighten us about what is the need for Cybersecurity. To exhaust the bandwidth, the hackers here, drown a network with numerous requests.

  • Malware

The importance of Cyber Security awareness increases because even emails from suspicious sites are not safe. Downloads or emails from some insecure sites carry ransomware, worms, spyware, and viruses that may compromise your security.

  • Man-in-the-middle (MitM) Attack

To steal data, the attacker in this kind of attack places himself secretly in a two-party communication.  The attacker here can even possibly alter the communication.

  • Password Attack

In this kind of attack, the hacker tries to crack a password by hit and trial method. It is easy to crack poorly chosen passwords.

  • SQL Injection Attack

Seeing the technological advancement used for hacking in this kind, you will exactly understand why Cybersecurity is so important. Here, the hacker will put malicious code into an SQL-using server. This is generally done with an unsafe website search box. If this works successfully, the hacker gains access to target confidential information.

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3) What does good Cyber Security look like?

Are you amazed by the last piece of information and the possible number of Cyber-attacks that can breach your security on the internet? Also, the importance of Cyber Security must be clear by now. We will also introduce you to Cybersecurity measures that you must take to avoid the likelihood of getting trapped into a Cybercrime. Some of the Cybersecurity important points you should follow both at work and your home:

  • Secure your Wi-Fi

First and foremost Cybersecurity needs to know is: always keep your Wi-Fi network secure. This means, never keep your Wi-Fi without a password and use WPA2 (Wi-Fi protected access to version 2) as your method of security.

  • Wise GPS and Bluetooth Usage

To gain access to your system, the attacker can use your Bluetooth or GPS connection. So it is important to always keep them off on any device when not in use.

  • Select Strong Passwords

These days to protect you against Cyberattacks, you might have noticed that the website shows you the password strength. It should always be strong. A strong password is one that has 8 to 12 characters and includes both lowercase and uppercase letters. It should also contain a unique character and a number. Do not keep the password on easy-to-fetch information about yourself.

  • Use Antivirus in your System

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Most internet providers will use antivirus software with the service they provide. This is because they understand the importance of Cyber Security in business. By chance the provider doesn’t use one, do install one! These are not expensive. Do not forget to check whether the antivirus is running when you are installing something.

  • Avoid Suspicious Texts and Mails

Straight away delete texts and emails if you do not recognize the sender. These are considered to be the starting point of an online security breach.

  • Use Encryption and Firewalls

If you are a business owner and want to protect your business, you should deploy a Firewall and know why Cybersecurity is important for the business. A Firewall will help you regulate both inbound and outbound network traffic. Including encryption software will scramble the important data and will protect it even if it gets into the wrong hands until and unless the hacker knows the encryption key.

  • Keep your Mobile devices under your sight

Never lose sight of your devices like tablets, laptops, or smartphones. Don’t leave them with people you don’t know or trust. Since now you know why is Cybersecurity so important, always keep your device password protected with strong passwords!  

  • Do A Course

Get all your questions answered like why do we need Cybersecurity, why is Cybersecurity awareness important for a business, etc by enrolling yourself in an online Cybersecurity course now! 


We hope this article helped let you know why Cybersecurity awareness is important. Hope this makes you a little more protected and prepared when you are online next time!

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