VAPT: A Comprehensive Guide for 2021


Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing or VAPT is a type of system which provides services related to security and protection which focuses on getting aware of the liberal vulnerabilities present in the network, infrastructure of server, and system. All services serve a variant purpose and are taken out to attain a variety of but achievable goals.

Vulnerability Assessment & penetration testing focuses on internal organizational security and external actual world risk.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing prescribes a wide diaspora for services regarding security and protection testing, which is designed and molded in the future to help identify and address the exposures towards cybersecurity.

To ensure that we had chosen the correct path for assessment of all the requirements and needs of the organization, it becomes necessarily important to understand VAPT testing services and key differences between them. The ultimate different and diverse nature of VAPT testing provides that they can slightly differ in length, breadth, depth, scope, and amount or price.

In this article let us look at:

  1. Full-Form of VAPT and what is it?
  2. Penetration testing vs vulnerability assessment
  3. What does VAPT include?
  4. Stages or types of VAPT

1. Full-Form of VAPT and what is it?

VAPT stands for Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. It is defined as a security testing system or program that describes the designed data to identify, structurize and promote cybersecurity vulnerabilities by addressing them. VAPT includes such things that led to human penetration testing from automated vulnerability assessments and red team operations.

A Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing is one of the most automated reviews of internet network devices, servers, and systems at a faster pace, which identifies key configuration as well as vulnerabilities problems where a hacker could able to carry advantage out off. 

2. Penetration testing vs vulnerability assessment

There is a difference between vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. VAPT meaning although when studies together can create a system of security and networks. But there are some differences and in-similarities between the two terms, i.e., Penetration testing vs. vulnerability assessment. 

3. What does VAPT include?

VAPT methodology follows various preventive measures to control Cyber-attacks, its threats on the actual-world having millions of networks and websites to control and manage, regularise and compress. A few situations and the reasons behind it we can surmise while continuing with a Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing are as follows:

  • Customer needs – It is the most common practice at present for customers throughout the world to plead for security verifications from their business clients.
  • Compliance – A huge number of regulations and standards of the industry have Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing like services as necessary equipment.
  • Security validation – Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing helps in validating the client’s security controls and preventive security measures against actual-world attacks.
  • Best-practice & data security –It is the right time and need to protect the consumers from the attack of the hackers remaining in the multi-level organizations to proceed with smart security audits to protect their data and systems from evolving threats.

Also, there are some vapt tools used for the benefit of the consumer. Some of them are ISO, PCI DSS, TRAI, NIST, and COBIT.

4. Stages or types of VAPT

  • Network infrastructure testing
  • Wireless testing
  • Application and API security review
  • Remote working assessment
  • Web application security testing
  • Social engineering
  • Mobile security testing
  • Firewall configuration review

VAPT is sometimes needed or required to get a clear or big overview regarding raising the questions aftermath about the existing securities issues over the consumer’s data through a well-planned attack. Some of these threats can be easily monitored as well as prevented with the help of Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing. 

The technical resources that have been used by the VAPT ensure the equal participation of each and every dialogue of the system. It is just similar to a timely or regular medical full-body health check-up by removing and identifying serious anomalies at the initial stage. Hence, we can say that the Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing is an essential key feature that, on multiple stages, ensures the conduct by other devices and keep an eye on the security measures.


In this article, we have thrown light on various keys and informative topics related to Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing, what are VAPT, its meaning, and the full form of VAPT. There is also a term used, i.e., vapt testing, which is used to identify the correct need of it at the right place and ensures the misuse of VAPT devices with the help of tools. There are also some Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing differences that anybody related to the IT sector must be aware of. Also, we had discussed further checklist, types, its steps, benefits of Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, and How to do Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

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