15 Best Vulnerability Assessment Tools


Vulnerability assessment tools were devised to detect security threats of the system causing potential threats to the applications. These include web application scanners that are tested, and the gauge is known to attack patterns through simulation. Protocol scanners search and scan protocols, ports, and network services.

The goal of the vulnerability assessment tool is to prevent unsanctioned access to systems. Vulnerability assessment tools help in maintaining confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the system. The system can mean any computers, networks, network devices, software, web application, cloud computing.

Top 15 vulnerability assessment tools:

  1. Nikto2:  It is an open-source vulnerability scanning assessment software pivoting on web application security. Nikto2 can detect around 6700 malicious files causing a threat to web servers disclosing obsolete servers. Nikto2 watches on server configuration issues by performing web server scans within a short time. Nikto2 does not have any expedients to vulnerabilities detected, and also does not provide risk assessment features. Nikto2 is updated now and then for covering broader vulnerabilities.
  2. Netsparker:  A tool with web application vulnerability embedded with an automated feature for detecting vulnerabilities. This tool is proficient in assessing vulnerabilities in several web-applications within a specified time.
  3. Open VAS:  A robust vulnerability scanning tool supporting large-scale scans suited for organizations. This tool is beneficial in detecting vulnerabilities in the web application or web servers and databases, operating systems, networks, and virtual machines. Open VAS has daily access to updates widening the vulnerability detection coverage. It is useful in risk assessment recommending expedients for detecting vulnerabilities.
  4. W3AF: An untethered and open-source tool also known as web-application-attack and framework. An open-source assessment tool for web applications. It forms a framework securing web applications by detecting and making use of the vulnerabilities. A user-friendly tool with features of vulnerability scanning, W3AF has additional facilities for penetration testing purposes. Furthermore, W3AF has a varied collection of vulnerabilities. This tool is highly beneficial for domains that are at stake frequently with vulnerabilities that are recently identified.
  5. Arachni: An unwavering vulnerability tool for web applications and is regularly updated. This has a broader coverage of vulnerabilities and has options for risk assessment recommending tips and counter features for the vulnerabilities detected.
  6. Acunetix: A paid web assessment application security tool that is open-source with many purposes. This tool has a broader vulnerability scanning range covering 6500 vulnerabilities. It can detect network vulnerabilities along with web applications. A tool that allows automating your assessment. This is appropriate for large-scale organizations as it can manoeuvre several devices.
  7. Nmap:   A popular and free open-source network assessment tool among many security professionals. Nmap maps by examining hosts in the network for identifying the operating systems. This feature is useful in finding vulnerabilities in single or multiple networks.
  8. Openscap:  A structured assistance of tools that is useful in vulnerability scanning, assessment, measurement, forming a security measure. A community developed tool supporting Linux platforms. Openscap framework provides strength to the vulnerability assessment on web applications, servers, databases, operating systems, networks, and virtual machines. They also assess risk and counteract threats.
  9. Golismero:  An unpaid open-source tool for assessing vulnerability. A tool specialized in detecting vulnerabilities on web applications and networks. A tool of convenience performing with the output provided by other vulnerability tools such as OpenVAS that combines output with the feedback. It also covers database and network vulnerabilities.
  10. Intruder: A paid tool for vulnerability assessment designed to assess cloud-based storage. Intruder software assesses the vulnerability instantly after it releases. An intruder has automated scanning features that persistently monitors for vulnerability, by providing quality reports.
  11. Comodo HackerProof:  A tool inclusive of PCI scanning reducing cart abandonment, performing daily vulnerability assessment. To build trust and value from customers using the drive-by attack prevention feature is beneficial. A tool that has transitioned visitors to buyers. A safe platform for ensuring safe transactions with business and increasing the monetary abundance. Enjoy sophisticated security with patent-pending scanning technology, Sitelnspector.
  12. Aircrack:   A framework of tools assessing the wifi network security assessing the packets and data, testing drivers and cards, cracking, and having an attack-response. This tool is also beneficial in restoring lost-keys by capturing the data packets.
  13. Retina CS Community:  An open-source web-based tool paving the way for a centralized and apt vulnerability management system. A management system embedded with varied options like reporting, patching, and configuration compliance, ensuring the assessment of cross-platform vulnerability. A cost-efficient tool saving time and effort managing the network security. It is imbibed with automated vulnerability assessment for DBs, web applications, workstations, and servers. A support system for businesses and organizations with virtual environments with virtual app scanning and vCentre integration.
  14. Maze ransomware functions by maliciously encrypting the files and demanding a ransom for restoring the files.
  15. Nexpose:   An open-source free tool with security experts using the tool for assessing the vulnerability of applications. The new vulnerabilities are saved in the nexpose database with the help of the Github community. This tool when used in combination with the Metaspoilt framework which is reliable by performing a detailed scan of the web application. It considers various aspects before generating a report.


A vulnerability assessment tool secures the system by identifying unauthorized security threats of accessing information. The threat occurs by manipulation of device networking configuration, the tools detect these activities putting an end to it. This also has regulatory compliance with an envisioning to assess out-of-process changes, audit configurations, and even rectify violations.

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