What Is A SOC? An Easy Guide in 2021


The organization is a mixture of different activities related to money, manpower, data, machinery, etc. It has different tasks like planning, organizing, implementing, executing, etc. many people were involved in the organization based on the size, type of the industry. Also, it requires lump-sum amounts of capital so these organizations require and deserve proper security for their data or machines or whatever it is.

     That’s the reason we have a Security Operation Center in many of the organizations. Now what is a security operation centre, what does a security operations centre do? Etc many questions will arise. Let’s try to answer all the questions related to SOC by understanding it.

  1. What is SOC?
  2. What is SOC Security?
  3. What does a Security Operations Centre do? 
  4. What is a SOC Audit report?
  5. Benefits
  6. Practices
  7. Importance

1) What is SOC?

      First, we will understand what is a SOC? Then we can try to gain more knowledge about SOC. The SOC is a centre or house having the information and a group of members form together as a security team to protect the wealth, assets, data of the organization from cyber threats. It is an ongoing activity that is a never-ending process. It is an example of the SaaS model.

2) What is SOC Security?

The security provided against the Cyberthreats by monitoring, investigating, detecting, and preventing by the team of SOC to protect the organization. Now, one can understand, what is the role of security SOC?

3) What does a Security Operations Centre do? 

The security operations centre can perform several duties to protect the assets of the organization from several cyber threats. It’s a duty are-

  • Survey of Assets:-

To protect the organization from cyber threats, the SOC needs to understand and get aware of all the assets, tools camaraderie, servers, etc.

  • Collection of logs:-

This is what SOC in security. Here the SOC concentrates on protecting the data available in the Enterprise systems. These huge amounts of data can’t be stolen by human brains so the logs are used in real-time practices.

  • Prevention methods:-

What is the use of  SOC in cybersecurity? Even though the major duty of SOC  is to protect the assets of an organization from threats, it also strives to implement preventional methods that vanish cyber threats completely.

  • Monitor continuously:-

What is the role of  SOC cybersecurity? The SOC monitors every action related to the data, assets of the organization. It is a continuous process that monitors day-to-day activities and all transactions etc.

  • Root cause analysis:

To perform all the duties of the Security operations centre, a team of employees was appointed with different designations. So all these analyses can be made by SOC analysts. To know more about the SOC analyst, we need to understand, what is a SOC analysis? and what do SOC analysts do?

Compliance audits:- Here we will get the answers for, what is a SOC audit? And

4) What is a SOC Audit report?

 The high-level executives will get updates from the SOC department in the form of audit reports. These audit reports are formed after conducting an audit on the regular day-to-day issues. All these audits can be recorded and updated to the management by the SOC team legally. Because the SOC negotiates an agreement with the state or central government for providing security to the organization. Does it help to clarify what is a SOC agreement? 

5) Benefits

As a SOC plays a vital role in the organization, the company can get benefited in several ways. Some of the benefits of a Security operation center are-

  • The main advantage of s4ce is cost-cutting. The company gets benefited financially because of the cyber Security professionals May charge use amounts in the form of salaries. But the SOC is very nominal and transparent. What is SOC as a service? It acts as a service provider for several organizations at affordable prices.
  • The SOC also helps the organization in resolving several downtime issues. If the servers are down suddenly, the SOC can resolve it in a very short time than any other. This is what SOC do in IT.
  • Exclusive is beneficial for the organization not only within the workplace but also in the outside environment of the firm. By maintaining proper security and transparency, it builds great trust in the company for the outsiders. Now it is clear that what is a SOC in the outsiders?

6) Practices

The SOC has been initiated several years ago. From its past experiences and after resolving several issues, certain best practices were provided for the organizations to choose based on their requirement. They are-

  • The implementation of automated systems is the best practice of SOC. Here, what does a SOC do? Instead of wasting a lot of time in reading all the logs and searching for the entries etc, the systems were automated and it can directly go to the loop according to the log.
  • The cloud approach is the modern practice adopted by SOC. Earlier it used the firewall for its data centre. But in recent times, the SOC is using the cloud approach to make its scope wider and to maintain interaction between the vulnerable.

These practices were suggested and implemented in the organization by the SOC team lead.

7) Importance

If one can understand, what is a SOC in security? They can easily understand the importance of SOC. Because it has distinct features and is very beneficial to any kind of organization irrespective of its size, type, etc. The reasons why the SOC is important for the organization are,

  • It is a centralized approach.
  • It minimizes the cost factor
  • It maximizes the trust of customers, clients as well as employees.
  • It has different practices to maintain ultimate Security.
  • It protects the assets of the organization from cyber threats.


Hence it is easy to understand what is SOC in security? hopefully. It is really a great centre that protects, prevents, monitors continuously to maintain ultimate security for the data and assets of the organization from various cyber threats. It is advisable to adapt the SOC in all organizations.

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