What is SSL VPN? An Easy Guide For 2021

Ajay Ohri


Sharing sensitive data is becoming very risky for businesses and companies. They have to think about various data-sharing tools and options for a private and secure sharing of data. Thanks to SSL VPN- Secure Socket Layer Virtual Private Network, Companies can share and access data without fear of hackers and attackers.

In this article, we will know,  what is SSL VPN and what are the benefits and disadvantages of SSL VPN. 

  1. What is SSL VPN?
  2. Types of SSL VPNs
  3. IPSEC VPN Technology vs SSL VPN Technology
  4. Other Benefits of SSL VPN
  5. Disadvantages of SSL VPN
  6. Why an SSL VPN is Important

1) What is SSL VPN?

SSL VPN means a Secure Socket Layer Virtual Private Network (SSL VPN) allows distant clients to get to Web applications, customer worker applications, and inward organization utilities and catalogues without the requirement for particular customer programming. 

SSL VPNs give safe correspondence to a wide range of gadget traffic across open organizations and private organizations.

All traffic between a Web program and SSL VPN gadget is scrambled with the SSL convention, or its replacement convention (TLS). SSL VPNs settle the long-standing disappointments found inside both the customary Wide Area Network (WAN) just as IPSEC based VPNs. 

This convenience quality considers more prominent work effectiveness, bringing down expenses and expanding worker and strategic approaches. When appropriately utilized SSL VPNs don’t affect the security network by any means.

2) Types of SSL VPNs

There are two significant kinds of SSL VPNs: 

  1. SSL Portal VPN – This mode of SSL VPN takes into account a solitary SSL association with a site, due to this, a client can get to an assortment of private organization administrations.   The SSL Portal VPN is known as a “gateway” since it is a solitary website page that prompts numerous different assets. Clients can, for the most part, access this door utilizing any advanced program, just requiring the distinguishing proof and secret key given by entryway administration.
  2. SSL Tunnel VPN – This type of SSL VPN permits a Web program to safely get to various organization benefits through a passage operating under SSL. SSL VPNs require a program that can collaborate with and show dynamic substance, expanding the flexibility over a basic SSL Portal VPN. The Dynamic substance ranges from Flash-based innovation to JavaScript. 

3) IPSEC VPN Technology vs SSL VPN Technology 

Conventional VPNs depend on IPSec (Internet Protocol Security) for retreating between the two endpoints.  IPSec chips remove at the Network Layer of the OSI Model and should be overseen profoundly inside the genuine OS network code, instead of inside a product application. 

At the point when associated with an IPSec VPN, the customer PC is, all things considered, mirroring the characteristics of the terminal inside the corporate organization, permit to get to anything.   

Several IPSec VPN arrangements require either outsider equipment or programming to be introduced to connect with the organization.

The important advantage of the IPSEC VPN is the additional layer of security inalienable to a framework that requires explicit and viable equipment to run appropriately. This eliminates the straightforward entry that so regularly permits digital hoodlums to assault uncovered organizations. 

On the flip side, another disadvantage is that it very well may be quite the substantial weight on companies for paying and keeping up the licenses for the underlying programming establishment, also the technical support expected to keep up and updated programming. The problem worsens further if the on-location establishment isn’t generally conceivable. 

What is SSL VPN approach for internet browsers- SSL is a typical convention and upheld by most present-day internet browsers with no extra establishments required. 

What is SSL VPN approach for web applications- it permits burrowing to explicit web applications when the access of nation-wild becomes pointless. This is an incredible security and information wellbeing highlight. That, yet inside the SSL structure, it is a lot simpler to appoint distinctive, authoritative rights to clients contingent upon their status and access requirements. 

Another advantage of SSL based VPN it is useful while thinking about security. The way that a VPN has gotten to through an internet browser implies that solitary electronic applications become useable inside the VPN unaccompanied by serious specialized customization, customization that vanquishes a portion of the advantages permitted by SSL VPNs. 

The additional problem with SSL VPNs identifies with the innate security of the SSL VPNs terminal. Internet browsers are helpless to prevent downloading malware. That’s why the VPN with an open SSL terminal may get an opportunity of getting contaminated. 

The computerized entryway of a page gives programmers a more straightforward view to assault if they need to get to delicate data of any sort.

Cost is making another difference between IPsec and SSL VPN. The executives of verification testaments can be exceptionally tedious and aren’t vital with SSL VPNs. This makes SSL VPNs a lot less expensive, and this factor alone might be a major question when concluding whether to utilize SSL or IPsec VPNs. 

Compared to most IPsec conditions, you don’t require paid-for customer programming. Furthermore, set-up and executives are normally a lot simpler.

4) Other Benefits of SSL VPN 

  • For the secure access of the SSL VPN, there is no customer programming required for web applications. 
  • SSL is a true norm – What is SSL VPN? SSL is interoperable between different sellers and applications.
  • What is VPN stand for just workers that it requires advanced testaments to build up the scrambled meeting?

5) Disadvantages of SSL VPN

  • Optional or in-fabricated) client confirmation. This is a significant security shortcoming. 
  • SSL VPN Requires Java or ActiveX downloads to encourage admittance to non-web empowered applications 
  • SSL Tunneling doesn’t support Linux or non-Windows OS. 
  • SSL is a processor- serious prompting horrible showing under high loads 
  • A few undertakings need a more extensive application to uphold than SSL gives

6) Why an SSL VPN is Important 

SSL VPNs are helpful to individuals with practically no PC proficiency, are available from inside any cutting-edge PC or gadget. 

You can design an SSL VPN to be safe like the IPSEC VPN convention that went before it. International companies and businesses approach more extensive organizations of representatives and can extend safely in the absence of the overhead and information needed by more outdated VPN advancements.


All in all, VPNs become a lot bigger piece of corporate and instructive conditions, rearranging and extending the usability will get foremost. In this article, we have covered what is SSL VPN and what can do this for companies and businesses.

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