Why is Cybersecurity Important in 2020


Why is Cybersecurity important ? It encompasses all that pertains to protecting sensitive data, intellectual property, personally identifiable information, industry, and government information systems, and protected health information from damage or theft that could be attempted by criminals.

Owing to the rise in global connectivity and because more and more people are today using cloud services, the risk of cybersecurity is on a rise. With poor cloud service configuration and with an increase in the sophistication of cybercriminals cyber-attacks have become common.

Antivirus software and firewalls are no more effective to ensure complete security. Cyber threats can come at any organizational level and thus it becomes vital to understand the simple scams like phishing as well as the complex cybersecurity attacks like ransomware attacks which are designed to steal your personal data and intellectual property.

Irrelevant to whatever is the size of your business, Cybersecurity is something that you cannot ignore. Security incidents can affect all and these end up causing irreversible damage to your company’s reputation. These points to just one thing – it is high time to get serious about cybersecurity and to understand why is cybersecurity important.

  1. What is CS?
  2. Why CS is important

1. What is CS?

Cybersecurity is the process or the state of protecting as well as recovering networks, computer systems, devices, and programs from all kinds of cyber-attacks. Cyberattacks have becomes a more sophisticated posing danger to sensitive data. The cyber attackers make use of new methods that are powered by artificial intelligence and social engineering to evade the traditional methods of security.

The world today is dependent on technology and for this reliance to continue and to save you from cybercrimes, it is important to be serious about cybersecurity technology.

2. Why CS is important

Businesses are today heavily exposed to cybercrimes and in an attempt to stave the e-criminals off, organizations are spending a lot of money to revamp their security protocols and their digital frontiers. If you are still putting off cybersecurity because of its range of services and tools that are bewildering or because of the costs involved then here is why investing in good cybersecurity is sensible and a must to protect your business as well as your brand. Read below to find out why is cybersecurity important.

A) Cyberattacks are expensive

Cyberattacks are expensive and if a business has to endure them then this does not just impact the company financially but also causes a lot of reputational damage to the organization. A cyberattack can make customers lose trust in the business who would refrain from being associated with the brand again. Also with a reputation for poor security, your business will fail to win any new contracts.

B) Increase in sophisticated hackers

Today, businesses cannot run without a website. However, the website exposes the system externally that gives the criminals an entry point into the company’s internal networks. Hackers make use of sophisticated tools and carry out coordinated cyber-attacks because they gain a lot when there is a successful breach of data. Businesses need to be aware that they could be breached at any time. This makes it inevitable to implement controls that can help the company to detect and to respond to any malicious activities before it can cause any damage or disruption to the company. It thus increases the need for cybersecurity to keep the company data well-protected.

The hackers are skilled and well-funded. Even the unskilled hackers have access to a wide range of hacking tools and programs available online which makes it easy for any cybercriminal to get the resources that they need to launch an attack on your security system.

C) Smart devices make data vulnerable

There has been a proliferation of IoT devices recently and these devices have easily found their way into homes and offices. They speed up and simplify the tasks as well as offer control and a great level of accessibility. However, they also pose a major problem. The IoT devices are connected to the internet and if these are not managed well then these are an easy way to let cybercriminals find a way into your business.

Also with the advent of the 5G network, it makes cyberattack more vulnerable. With better networks, there is also the need for better and robust cyber strategies to save devices from any cyber vulnerability.

D) Tight regulations mean that it is time to take cybersecurity seriously

It is not just to save your business from the attacks of online criminals that you need to employ tight cybersecurity measures. With the introduction of GDPR and other regulations, it becomes mandatory for companies to employ cybersecurity methods or else face a fine. An increase in legislation and regulation has become a reality and businesses today have no choice but to comply with the cybersecurity laws.

E) Cyberattacks can affect each one of us

Cyber-attacks are not just limited to big business houses. It can attack the common people as well. A breach in national security, and electrical power failure, or theft of your clinical records, all could be linked to a lack of proper cybersecurity. Cyber-attacks can happen worldwide and thus it becomes vital to ensure proper cybersecurity measures at each level. 

Identity theft is a colossal problem. Here the hackers would steal someone’s private data and then sell it off for money. Thus you see the importance of security.

F) Loss of jobs

Cybersecurity breaches cause loss of jobs when there a breach in a company’s system. This makes it crucial for organizations to conduct phishing simulation tests in order to test employee awareness. Organizations that create an incident response strategy can stay ahead of any cyber-attack. A quick response to any offence will keep the attacker away from any sensitive data.


If you talk about cybersecurity then cybersecurity is something that cannot be ignored, considering how much our lives are online today. Cybercrimes are prevalent and cybercriminals victimize the general masses in the banks, shops, and when they carry out any online transactions. People become easy targets for these cybercriminals only because of their lack of knowledge. This lets cybercriminals attack their personal data with ease.

Maintaining efficient cybersecurity measures on your device is crucial because it does not just save you but also does not let your device infect other devices and compromise the systems. This thus saves everyone from becoming vulnerable. Bad online practices and weak passwords on social media sites make it easy for cybercriminals to hack into the account and gain access to data. Taking proper cybersecurity measures ensures that you protect not just yourself but also your loved ones from a cybercrime.

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