A Top 3 Ranking = Motivation to Keep Doing More


Analytics India Magazine recently released their annual institute rankings and we’re very proud to say that our PGPDM program has been ranked #2 in the ‘Top 10 Executive Data Science Courses in India’. We had topped the overall rankings for top analytics training institutes in 2017, 2016, 2014 and 2013, and we hope to continue that trend this year as well.

The most recent list was for the Top 10 Executive Data Science courses in the country, and we are very excited to have been placed at #2 in this list. Not only does it indicate that we are meeting the high standards required to be placed in these prestigious ranking, but being in 2nd place provides us with the motivation to keep improving and we aim to be at the top very soon.

AIM ranks institutes based on a variety of factors, which include course content and pedagogy, faculty, external collaborators, and a host of other parameters.

The PGPDM program is a two-year old program that was created from scratch in collaboration with the University of Chicago and Jigsaw Academy. It’s a really morale boost for us in the fact that we are making substantial progress in helping out aspirants get the best of both exposure and experience in this industry.

Besides, this is our most elite program, where you get a globally recognized certificate from the University of Chicago and get a lifetime access to their alumni network. Also, the program includes super-intensive capstone projects that really hone your skills on data science and machine learning by make you work on real world problems and data sets.

By also providing students with plenty of reference material, as well as webinars and interactions with faculty, we strive to ensure that the students are provided with continuous learning, to help broaden their knowledge base, and in turn enhance their career prospects in the future.

With this, we are going to let you read what AIM’s report has to say. At the end of the day, this ranking is as much down to our own efforts, as it is to the constant help and support from all our students, both past and present. We have always refused to rest on our laurels, and this is no different. This ranking is always great motivation and a reminder to us that no matter where we are on the list, there’s work to be done, and we intend to keep doing it.

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