Apache Sqoop: An Easy Guide For Beginners in 2021

Ajay Ohri


The customary application of the board framework, that is, the association of uses with a social information base utilizing RDBMS is one of the sources that produce Big Data. Such Big Data, produced by RDBMS, is put away in Relational Database Servers in the social information base structure.

At the point when Big Data stockpiles and analyzers, for example, MapReduce, Hive, HBase, Cassandra, Pig, and so on of the Hadoop biological system came into the image, they required an apparatus to communicate with the social information base workers for bringing in and sending out the Big Data dwelling in them. Here, Apache Sqoop involves a spot in the Hadoop environment to give the attainable connection between the social information base worker and Hadoop’s HDFS.

  1. What is Sqoop?
  2. What is Apache Sqoop?
  3. How does apache sqoop work?
  4. What is Apache sqoop used for?
  5. Apache sqoop example
  6. Apache sqoop documentation

1) What is Sqoop?

Sqoop is an order line interface application for moving information between social information bases and Hadoop. You can also know, What does sqoop stand for? For this lineSqoop stands for “SQL to Hadoop”

2) What is Apache Sqoop?

Apache Sqoop is a device intended for proficiently moving mass information between Apache Hadoop and outside datastores, for example, social information bases, undertaking information stockroom. You can refer to the apache sqoop tutorial for practical knowledge.

Apache scoop architecture:

Sqoop architecture is all about data transfer among Sqoop and outside stockpiling framework is made conceivable with the assistance of Sqoop’s connectors. Sqoop has connectors for working with a scope of well known social information bases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2. Every one of these connectors realizes how to cooperate with its related DBMS.

There is likewise a conventional JDBC connector for associating with any information base that underpins Java’s JDBC convention. Also, Sqoop gives improved MySQL and PostgreSQL connectors that utilization information base explicit APIs to perform mass exchanges productively.

3) How does apache sqoop work?

It uses some scoop commands like sqoop import command and sqoop export command for moving datasets from different information bases to HDFS. Inside, Sqoop utilizes a guide lesson program for putting away datasets to HDFS. Sqoop gives robotization to moving information from different data sets and offers equal handling just as an adaptation to non-critical failure.

4) What is Apache sqoop used for?

It is used to import information from social data sets, for example, MySQL, Oracle to Hadoop HDFS, and fare from the Hadoop record framework to social data sets.

5) Apache sqoop example

One of the best sqoop examples is an undertaking that runs a daily Sqoop import to stack the day’s information from a creation conditional RDBMS into a Hive information distribution centre for additional 

6) Apache sqoop documentation

Apache Sqoop is an apparatus intended for proficiently moving information between organized, semi-organized and unstructured information sources. Social information bases are instances of organized information sources with very much characterized diagram for the information they store.


To conclude, Sqoop helps in moving mass information between RDBMS frameworks and Distributed Systems ideally. It decreases the pointless endeavours of the engineers in coding and keeping up the code. As Sqoop moves the information in equal, the information move is additionally exceptionally quick.

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