Kolkata Beats Mumbai To Become The Best Place For Data Analysts To Live In

Ajay Ohri

Machher Jhol and Rasgulla beat Vada Pav and Poha. No, not in the battle of the taste buds but in the battle for the Best Place For Data Analysts professional to live and work in. The recently released Analytics & Big Data Salary Report 2016, which was co-authored by Jigsaw Academy & Analytics Vidhya, threw up an interesting set of findings.

One particularly eye-opening revelation was this: although Mumbai pays analytics and big data professionals the highest salaries nationwide (in absolute terms), Kolkata pays them the best salaries in the country. In terms of overall quality of life and cost of living (which is 12.54% lower in Kolkata than it is in Mumbai),  Kolkata enables its data scientists to extract maximum value from their lower incomes.

In other words, even though Mumbai (which is one of the most expensive cities to live in, in India and Southern Asia) gives a lot, it takes a lot as well.

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This is due in part to the staggering differences in rent between the two cities: Mumbai eats up 37.8% of an individual’s housing expenses, while Kolkata claims a more modest 18.2%. This ‘affordability deficit’ nullifies the almost 3 LPA (lakhs per annum) pay advantage that Mumbai’s data scientists have over their Kolkata peers.  Kolkata also beats Mumbai on a number of other fronts as well with its lower pollution levels, greater ease of commuting, and markedly less cut-throat work environment.

To be fair though, when it comes to the range of job opportunities on offer, no other city has a patch on Mumbai. Work experience in India’s financial capital, home to numerous top-level national and international companies, can fast-track an individual’s career and help them scale the corporate ladder with great ease. 

At the end of the day, it comes down to lifestyle choices and priorities. If you prefer a balanced lifestyle to a high salary then Kolkata is the city (of Joy!) for you. On the other hand, if fatter wallets, fast growth and a varied job opportunities is what you’re looking for, Mumbai is the place to call home.


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