Can Data Really Save Lives?


Hope this made you smile, as it made us!

But this is not futuristic, it’s reality and already the healthcare predictive analytics industry is ripe, with tons of investors ready to back great new ideas.

So, what exactly is Predictive Analytics and how can it impact healthcare? 

Predictive analytics (PA) uses technology and statistical methods to search and analyze huge amounts of information, to predict outcomes for individual patients. This data or information can include data from past treatment outcomes as well as the latest medical research. Not only can PA help with predictions, but it can also reveal surprising associations in data that our human brains would never suspect.

This recent article in HealthITAnalytics explores some of the ways healthcare organizations have found success by turning big data into a strategic asset that can help providers react quickly and effectively to the ongoing challenges of quality care delivery.

Just one more area where data scientists are very much in demand.

Read the full article here

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