Data Engineer vs Data Scientist: A Detailed Comparison in 9 Easy Points


Data engineer vs data scientist: Data plays an important role in the growth of an organisation which directly helps in the growth of the country. Technology is increasing day by day but in comparison with other countries, India is being quite slow in this field. To achieve the target and become efficient in the field of technology it has to make the data engineers and data scientist efficient. They can be very much helpful in the process. Both data scientist and data engineer plays different roles, so let’s study about them and know the difference between data engineer and data scientist.

  1. What is a Data Engineer?
  2. What does a data engineer do?
  3. Data engineer roles and responsibilities:
  4. What is a Data Scientist?
  5. What is the role of a data scientist?
  6. Data scientist job qualifications:
  7. Difference between the data scientist and data engineer.
  8. Data engineer salary vs data scientist salary:
  9. Which is better data engineer or data scientist?

1) What is a Data Engineer?

A data engineer is a specialist whose essential employment obligations include planning information for insightful or operational employments. A data engineer must have some special skills, here are some of the data engineer skillset, apache Hadoop, azure, c etc. 

2) What does a data engineer do?

Data engineers are liable for discovering patterns in informational indexes and creating calculations to help make crude information more valuable to the endeavour.

3) Data engineer roles and responsibilities:

The data engineer responsibilities are quiet hard and take the time to get it properly. 

  • Prior to starting any work on the information base, they need to get information from the correct sources. In the wake of figuring a bunch of dataset measures, information engineers store advanced information.
  • Data engineers lead research in the business to address any issues that can emerge while handling a business issue.
  • They use a prescriptive model, permitting clients to exploit suggestions for various results.

4) What is a Data Scientist?

Data scientist are analytical specialists who use their aptitudes in both innovation and sociology to discover drifts and oversee information. They use industry information, relevant agreement, wariness of existing suspicions – to reveal answers for business challenges. 

5) What is the role of a data scientist?

The data scientist roles and responsibilities are:

They have to first ask the required questions and collect the data and then analyze and store the data by arranging in proper order by choosing the algorithms and methods to be used and then finally measures and improve the result. 

6) Data scientist job qualifications:

Education for a data scientist is a must for getting a job in this field to acquire proper knowledge about everything. For easy entry in this field, one must have some business acumen, communication, critical thinking capacity.

 7) Difference between the data scientist and data engineer.

The major differences between scientist and engineer are as follows:

  • The data engineer is somebody who creates, develops, tests and looks after designs, for example, information bases and enormous scope handling frameworks. The data scientist, then again, is somebody who cleans, rubs, and arranges (large) information.
  • Data Engineering encourages the improvement of the information cycle stack to amass, store, clean, and cycle information continuously or in clumps and set up the information for additional examination. Generally, Data Engineers make emotionally supportive networks for Data Scientists.
  • A data scientist uses MatLab, SAS and data engineer uses MySQL, Hadoop, oracle etc.

8) Data engineer salary vs data scientist salary:

 Taking a gander at these figures of a data engineer and data scientist, you probably won’t see a lot of distinction from the start. Be that as it may, digging further into the numbers, an information researcher can acquire 20 to 30% in excess of a normal information engineer.

9) Which is better data engineer or data scientist?

Both data engineers and data scientists are developers. However, data engineers will in general have a far predominant handle of this expertise while data scientist is vastly improved at information examination. They needed to lead the more confounded investigation on informational indexes and figuring out how to code was the best way to accomplish it.


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