10+ Best Data Governance Tools (2021)


The capacities performed by the data governance tools in an association incorporate assisting organizations in settling on choices with top-notch data, making cycles to determine data issues, and setting data on the board boundaries.

The different advantages of data governance tools incorporate policies, procedures, standards, standardization of data systems, increased data value, reduced cost of data management, and increased enterprise revenue.

What is Data Governance?

Data Governance is a brought together control instrument to usability, integrity, security, and manage data availability.

To actualize data governance in the association, an advisory group, a characterized set of systems, and an arrangement for executing these strategies are required. 

Data governance influences the key, operational, and strategic levels of an association. Henceforth, data governance should be acted in the nonstop cycle, for the successful association and use of data.

Most Popular Data Governance Tools

Data Governance assumes a significant part in dealing with all your data requires. Given underneath is a list of data governance tools:

  1. Datum
  2. Collibra
  3. Cloudera Enterprise
  4. Datattoo
  5. Clearswift Information Governance Server
  6. A.K.A
  7. Alteryx
  8. Informatica
  9. Talend
  10. IBM Data Governance
  11. Atlan
  12. Xplenty
  13. Truedat
  14. OvalEdge

Comparison Table For Data Governance Tools


Data Governance Tools Collibra gives a cross-hierarchical stage to data administration and assists you with finding and comprehend your information. It will mechanize the interaction of data management and data governance.

Collibra tool gives highlights like the use of interactive data lineage diagrams, data help desk, delivering instant access to the right data, and collaborating with stakeholders.


OvalEdge is a moderate data catalogue and a data governance tool. Binding together both these abilities make it a flexible item for data compliance, data governance, data discovery with data protection standards. 

Its highlights incorporate collaboration with peers, workflows for data access, business glossary, automated data lineage, and so on.


Xplenty is an ELT, ETL, and data integration stage. It is a cloud-based answer to make straightforward and pictured data pipelines for your data distribution centre. It gives functionalities to process, integrate, and get ready data for examination on the cloud. The stage will allow you to execute replication, ELT, or an ETL arrangement.

Xplenty is a versatile and adaptable stage that can run complex transformations and simple replication tasks. You can organize and plan data pipelines with the assistance of Xplenty’s work process engine.


It is an open-source data governance tools business arrangement instrument to help customers become data-driven organizations and quicken cloud appropriation.

Its features include Data Quality, Data Lineage, Data Catalog, Business Glossary, and Data Governance.


Atlan is a cutting-edge data workspace that removes the torment from managing and governing your data environment without settling on information democratization. Atlan is where you can unite assorted individuals’ experts, specialists, researchers, and business client’s devices and information to make a frictionless joint effort experience. 

It offers highlights like best-in-class data governance tools, allowing you to create dynamic access policies, auto-detection of PII data, and auto-construction of data lineage.

IBM Data Governance:

It will assist you with discovering information about usage, characteristics, meaning, physical location, and data objects. It can work with unstructured and structured data. It will assist you with alleviating consistence risks.

It gives highlights like acquiring useful information for big data projects, data cataloguing, and resilient data governance strategy. It additionally gives highlights of the protection and privacy like personal health information, imminent customer intelligence, and ensuring individually identifiable information.


Informatica answers data compliance and data governance tools. Its endeavour data governance arrangement can be actualized in the cloud or on-premise. This arrangement can be utilized by security teams, IT, and business. 

It will give the functionalities to overseeing protects and detects sensitive customer data, GDPR data risks, and guarantees your contact data is complete, accurate, and current.


Talend gives answers for Application integration, API, data governance, data integration, cloud integration, and so on. It has open-source answers for enterprise service bus, data preparation, big data, and data integration.


Alteryx gives the stage to analyse, plan, and discover your data. It will permit you to share and deploy the analytics. 

It gives the highlights to analyses and prepares the models, works together with your group, and discover data. It will permit you to implant Alteryx, Python, and R models into your creation of business measures. It is appropriate for data and IT management, Business directors, data scientists, and data analysts.


It will assist you to recover or restore your damaged or lost record. It simply separates the information from it, without fixing the drive. It can chip away at the data of any format and any type.


A.K.A gives answers for managing, organizing, finding, and describing your data. This single arrangement can perform performing various tasks by dealing with different data governance tools.

Clearswift Information Governance server:

It has highlights and functionalities of adaptive redaction, tracing & tracking of information, and information visibility.

Cloudera Enterprise: 

It has functionalities for metadata management, policy enforcement, audit, lineage, continuous optimization, and data discovery. It gives a pursuit-based interface.


Datum gives a stewardship platform and data governance tools through Information Value Management.

It will assist you with finding and comprehend the information. It will assist you with estimating the adequacy just as effective and danger your corporate activities. It likewise gives the functionalities to metadata the board.


Agility data governance tools will assist you with building up and actualize undeniable level strategies and systems. It answers Data Rules and Modelling, Security, and Workflow.


Acaveo gives functionalities to record examination, data migration, data classification, unstructured data management, and so on.

Tag Inspector:

It will give you performance modelling, data privacy, and data quality. A free preliminary is accessible for the item.


If we think about the top data governance tools as per appraisals, Informatica and Collibra will get similar evaluations and Alteryx, IBM, and Talend will get the equivalent.

IBM is useful for its mix capacities. Collibra is acceptable at reacting rapidly. Alteryx is useful for data examiners. Talend gives a data coordination arrangement paying little mind to the size.

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