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One of the more serious problems affecting many an Indian city today, is water scarcity. Bangalore is no exception and for years now the government has been trying to partner with organizations that can help them find solutions that could effectively manage their water resources better. One of their partners, IBM seems to have got it right, all thanks to some data ingenuity of course.


This is the theme for my muse this month, as I think it isn’t always easy to see just how data initiatives can impact our ordinary daily lives. We hear so much talk about how Data Analytics and Big Data is changing the way we live, but for many, this is very hard to put into context. So yes let’s explore a few examples of just how data is helping us live better, healthier and stress free lives.

How analytic tools are helping in fixing water woes in Bengaluru, Kerala

In order to help manage their water resources better India cities need to invest in water distribution systems. This entails upgrading and maintaining old infrastructure, building new ones and conserving efficiently and effectively all sources of this resource. IBM is working with agencies in India, and around the world, to create analytics-based solutions that provide smarter water management and better control over the resources for water boards, as they have done in Bangalore and Thiruvananthapuram. This technology helps to manage increasingly complex water distribution systems by monitoring the flow of water, and providing constant and detailed information regarding quantities, water levels, and much more regarding reservoirs, tanks, etc. in the city. In Kerala the water works department  is working with IBM to put in place the necessary infrastructure, monitoring and analytics to help identify potential issues proactively, in an effort to dramatically reduce water waste, improve customer satisfaction and increase the efficiency of maintenance and business operations. Do read the article in full to get a better perspective of just how data is giving more people access to cleaner water.

Ride-sharing apps ensure cheaper travel, safer commute

As anyone living in a congested city knows, commuting to work can be the one thing that drains you more than the pressures of your job. Well wouldn’t it be God sent if you didn’t have to actually drive through that rush hour traffic, but instead could get a ride with people who are trustworthy and make good commute companions? Well this seems to be a reality in many cities in India today and e commerce sites like PoolCircle and Letsride are now offering an environment-friendly idea of carpooling where they are not only ensuring you a cheaper and greener ride but also a safer commute in the company of people with similar interests. So now though you maybe still stuck in traffic, you can afford to smile because you are saving gas and making some great friends because you used a ride sharing ap that uses analytics to bring you the service.

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