20 Simple Data Mining Projects: A Comprehensive Guide


With the advent of Big Data and the Industrial revolution 4.0, the world we live in today is swiftly advancing in technology and becoming more data-driven. As of today, Facebook alone generates 4 petabytes of data per day, as per a report by Kinsta. This number is enough to give a glimpse of data generated worldwide in a day. Organizations are looking for innovative ways to capture this massive amount of data to drive useful business insights. Data mining has become one of the most crucial techniques for innovation. To start off working in this modern space of science, working on data mining projects could be the best! 

In this article, we’ve curated some of the data mining project ideas for the people who look forward to excelling in data-mining.

List of Data Mining Project Ideas

1.  Behavioural constraint miner

One of the most common data mining projects for beginners is a sequence classification project that deals with extracting sequential patterns in the data sets. This project can help predict a variety of behavioral patterns over the sequence, helping users derive conclusions.

2. Fake news detection

This data mining project in Python is aimed at determining whether the news reported is fake or real. The performer will have to use Python classifiers to complete this data mining project successfully.

3. Group event recommendation

This data mining project is a solution for recommending social events, including exhibitions, concerts, plays, talks, concerts, etc. It uses special algorithms to derive the group preferences and can use additional contexts.

4. Detection of Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease is a typical condition that people are affected by growing age. Data mining techniques can be used for the extensive classification of medical data. This data mining project uses algorithms to develop classifiers to distinguish between a normal and affected person.  

5. Protecting user data on social networks

Data on social sites is sensitive and should be protected from online predators. Data mining ideas provide solutions that use special encryption methods and multiple servers that can help to preserve data.

6. Detecting websites involved in phishing

This data mining project uses ideas like logistic regression and decision trees classifiers to help detect malicious phishing websites. This project uses Python language for the implementation.

Fig: Overview of phishing URL detection framework 

7. Personality Classification project using data mining

This data mining project is used for testing the personality traits of the users. Performers can first store the primary data related to all personality types in the form of data sets. After collecting significant features from the user, the next step is to relate them to the data set to come up with a concussion about the person’s persona.

8. HandWritten digit recognition

This data mining project uses one of the most widespread datasets called the MNIST dataset to develop a model for identifying handwritten digits.

9. Diabetes Prediction using data mining

Using data mining algorithms like Decision tree, Naive Bayes, SVM calculations, this data mining project for beginners is used to know whether any person has diabetic symptoms or not.

10. Intelligent Transportation System

This simple data mining idea is used to forecast optimized routes for transportation, analyze passenger data and find out the number of vehicles required for the purpose all using data sets.

11. Sentiment analysis

The data mining project uses R-programming language to model out an algorithm that helps to analyze and categorize words as positive, negative or neutral.

12. Credit card fraud detection

This data mining project using python uses the previously available data and datasets to predict whether there has been fraud or not.

13. Tourism

The TourSense project in data mining uses a graph-based iterative propagation learning algorithm to identify tourist behavior and predict the details of the next tour.

14. Customer segmentation

Splitting customers into various categories is a necessity nowadays. This data mining project uses clustering algorithms of data mining to partition the customers into various categories. 

15. Speech emotion recognition

The data mining project for cse uses python language to store significant features of speech and emotions in the form of datasets. By using Vox Celebrity Dataset, the project relates the speech to the data in the dataset.

16. Predictive analysis

The data mining project is used to predict unknown events of the future using statistical modeling.

17. Regression analysis

It is used to derive probabilistic conclusions about any event by analysis of historical data. Data trees and linear regressions are some data mining algorithms that must be used. 

18. Exploratory data analysis

This is the first step in the data analysis process. This data mining project is focused to study the data you have and using algorithms to manipulate it according to needs.

19. House price prediction

This data mining project based on machine learning uses basic ML algorithms to predict prices of real estates.

20. Movie recommendation

Using historical data of the users, this idea of the data mining project is used for recommending movies using clustering algorithms and other mathematical functions in Python.


The above-mentioned data-mining project ideas will enable you to hone your data-mining skills. Check out the UNext page for more such innovative and interesting reading materials. Also, check out our array of programs in various emerging technologies to aid aspiring learners like you to kickstart their careers in fields like Data Science, Business analytics, etc.


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