How Data Science and Analytics is the Key for Business Decision Making!

Data is a treasure-chest of information!

What lies beneath those massive layers of unstructured data can be crucial to several aspects of business operations. The data can give insights on customer experience, processes that need optimization, information on supply-chain, customer behavior, workflow management and more. With huge amounts of data generated by users every single minute, businesses are bound to miss out on a warehouse of customer insights if they don’t invest their efforts on implementing data science and analytics techniques on them.

Today, as we speak, around 6 billion connected devices are generating terabytes of data every single hour across the globe. Each set of data has something crucial to reveal and analyzing them will not only allow businesses stay on track with their purposes but prepare them for the future as well.

This is exactly what Madhukar Jha, an entrepreneur shares on the video, where he explains why data science and analytics is key for business decision making. Madhukar is the co-founder of Pitch Invasion and has a strong expertise in creating digital products and social media marketing.

Watch the entire video here:

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