20 Must-Know Huge Data Science Companies

Ajay Ohri


Data Science Companies have a major role in modern-day entrepreneurship. Since a major interest of people is noticed past decade towards entrepreneurship, the role of data science companies becomes more vital. Here we bring a few top companies which have managed to make it bigger with their intuitive approaches.

  1. Huge Must-Know Data Science Companies

1. Huge Must-Know Data Science Companies

A) OpenGeeks Lab

Onegeeks lab stands as one of the best data science companies extending a supportive CMS platform to the clients for managing websites. It has gone out of its way and worked harder to give companies their due growth by enhancing the analytics of data and making the most out of it.  

B) Tacto

Tacto is one of the leading software development and technology advancement solution. It has enrolled its name in the list of data science companies in Mumbai. It has shown incredible performance by helping companies grow, make moves as per the volatility of the market, and make faster and smarter decisions.

C) Noetic

Amongst all the other data science companies in Pune, Noetic has made its name bigger for the companies. It is the leading data analytic company that has gained fame by helping companies to make positive growth and help them have increased revenue.

D) ThirdEye Data Analytics Services

It is one of the top companies in the list of best data science companies in Kolkata. It helps companies increase their business by using innovative techniques using AI and data analytic science. They make a quick response to the market using smart decision-making techniques.

E) SunTec Data

SunTec Data is one of the leading names amongst all the other data science companies in Delhi.

F) Winklix LLC

Based in Delhi, Winklix LLC is a company that helps its clients in making a positive digital transformation and helps them being heard by their potential customers. With the help of an unparalleled skilled team, they have managed to make it this big. This has to be one of the Highest paying data science companies.

G) Data Factz

Data Factz stands out amongst all the other data science companies in Hyderabad. It is one of the major augmented Analytics Company which has become the apple of the eyes of its clients due to its unique and innovative approach as well as client inclination. They have shown excellent performance and data-driven solutions which have practically worked and got results for the clients.

H) Intellectyx Data Science

Intellectyx Data Science is one of the leading service providers of augmented analytics. It provides amazing products for its clients to add value to their business like AI, Machine Learning, Unmatched data analysis, and chatbots. With a firm solution, it offers products that have practically managed to generate awe-inspiring results for the companies. And this is why it is one of the leading names amongst the data science companies in Coimbatore.

I) PeopleClick

Based in Bangalore, the company adds value to its clients’ business through its intuitive ideas and excellent data analytic technology. The skilled employees of the company have an experienced approach towards their work. Hence, the company is one of the major leading names. PoepleClick is undoubtedly one of the data science companies in Bangalore.

J) Dataperts

Dataperts is one of the data science companies in Gurgaon. It is one of the leading companies helping clients with products for smart decision making and analytics. The company makes the best use of data and harnesses its power in bringing worth to the client’s firms.

K) ADF Data Science

ADFT Data Science has to be one of the data science companies in Chennai. The skilled employees and advanced technology of the company have got the utmost credit for making the company a huge brand. Assessment of data being the strength, the company has been able to gain complete client satisfaction.  

L) Course5

Corse 5 is a Mumbai based data science company which takes the credit of establishing another two giant firm’s namely- Cross-Tab and Blueocean market. They have excelled in providing various products to the clients such as Machine learning, market intelligence, and analytics.

M) Manthan

Manthan has to be one of the most reputed names in the list of top data science companies. It is a dedicated company that is solely inclined to clients prioritizing their demands and gains complete client satisfaction. It offers products such as analytics, marketing, and merchandise analytics platform.

N) Facrtal Analytics

The company was founded in the year 2000 and since then, it has been working towards becoming one of the top data science companies. The company deals with domains like financial service, technology, CPG, healthcare, media, and telecommunication.

O) Cartesian Consulting

Amongst the best data science companies, Cartesian Consulting is a famous name. It was founded in the year 2009  and since then, this Mumbai based firm is solely working towards adding revenue and value to the companies. It has been incredibly helping its clients in the smart decision-making process and other innovative marketing moves.

P) Think Big Analytics

Think Big Analytics is a famous name in the data science top companies. It is not another organization that runs with the herd. It stands out in its approaches in the world analytic space. With its starting in the year 2010, it has been dominating the field with its extra-ordinary service.

Q) Capillary Technologies

Amongst the top data science companies in the world, this company has to be on the list. It has dominated the AI space. They have restored their uniqueness by offering cloud-based services for analytics purposes to their clients. The company runs 14 global offices as of now and with sheer determination, rigorous hard work, and uninterrupted willpower, they have managed to make it this big.

R) CropIn Technologies

The CropIn technologies have managed to enlist itself in one of the leading names amongst all the other data science consulting companies because of the innovative solution and intuitive approach it has. It has shown miraculous performance in the Agtech space. It comes up with an amazing and unique range of products namely smart risk, smart farm, smart sales, and mwarehouse.

S) Antuit

Antuit is one of the leading names in advanced data analytics companies. The company is known to be unique due to its smart decision-making system and reliable intelligence. The company was founded in the year 2013 and in a short span of time, the company managed to become eye-candy due to its unique way of serving its clients.

T) ThoughSpot

The Company is known to be one of the major data science company. It offers unmatched analytics and business solutions. ThoughtSpot stands out amongst all the other companies for data science, Due to its unique offering and amazing track record of customer satisfaction.


Hence, these were the major data science companies that are known to be bigger names in the field of data science. They have set an example for the market by making the utmost use of raw data.

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