Data Scientist Resume: A 11 Step Comprehensive Guide

Ajay Ohri


Building a resume for any profession, including Data Science, may look like a simple task, but it is not that easy in reality. To apply for a Data Science profile, a data scientist resume is an essential step. A resume is similar to getting a gate pass from the ‘Gatekeeper’ or hiring managers.

A resume is a profile summary of a data scientist with personal, educational, and professional qualification details in brief for a data scientist profile. If you are new in the field, the resume of an experienced professional can be used as a Data Science resume sample.

Many people struggle while writing their experiences in a summarized form. Here, we will discuss some tips and tricks to write a clear and concise data scientist resume.

  1. DS Resume
  2. Resume Customization
  3. Resume Template
  4. Imperative Skills For Data Science
  5. Career Objective
  6. Contact Information
  7. Data Science Published Projects
  8. Listing Of Relevant Projects
  9. Skill Highlighting
  10. Work Experience
  11. DS Resume for Freshers

1. DS Resume

Keep the resume short. The resume should be only one page long, especially if you do not have 5+ years of work experience. If you have 5+ years of experience in Data Science, you can add data scientist skills to your resume.

Hiring managers or recruiters receive many resumes every day, and they only give 30 seconds to a minute to each resume before selecting or rejecting it. Use a Data Science resume sample to create a short and engaging resume.

Even if you have completed dozens of projects, you should only enlist and mention some of the most noteworthy data scientist profiles’ prioritized projects in your resume. Your resume should only contain details as per your job requirements.

2. Resume Customization

You can surely create a standard Data Science resume for your profile and send it everywhere when you apply for it. Along with this, you can add and highlight some of the required key points when you submit the applications matching the job description.

Highlighted relevant skills as per job description impresses the recruiting managers. Nonetheless, it is not vital to rewrite the resume whenever applying for a new job.

3. Resume Template

Though every Data Science resume sample has only the description of past work experiences, contact information, skills, etc., you should try to build a unique resume. There are countless ways to make your resume stand out from the rest.

  • You can design your data scientist fresher resume from scratch or start with a creative template. Some sites like VisualCV, CVMKR, SlashCV, and Google Docs resume provide beautiful resume templates.
  • Choose a resume that suits your target organization. For reputed and established brands, choose an appropriate template design and resume headline for data scientists.
  • If you are applying to any startup or a creative company, you can refer to a vibrant data scientist fresher resume sample and create a similar one. The design can have some unique coloring and graphics. Your resume content should be able to tell a story in a limited number of words.

4. Imperative Skills For Data Science

Some column-style resumes can help you align the skills of a data scientist. They are beneficial, especially for those who want to enlist everything on a single page. Moreover, in block-style resumes, everything is stacked in one column. Remember that the hiring manager takes only 30 seconds to a minute to scan the data scientist’s CV and decide. Thus, keep things sweet and short. Some of the skills required in a data scientist fresher resume are:

  • Communication
  • Statistics
  • NoSQL
  • TensorFlow
  • Problem Solving

You can involve white space in your resume. When you choose a template, customize it to make it yours. Choose a template and instill it with your skills, qualification, and experience.

5. Career Objective

Once you’ve started working on your resume, make sure there are a proper content flow and structure. For that, let us discuss some sample career objectives for data scientists that you can modify as per your needs for an entry-level data scientist resume.

Objective1: Exceptionally creative and sound communicator with a Master’s degree in statistics. Have promising Data Science, Maths, and Programming skills.

Objective2: Data Science Professional with excellent leadership and interpersonal skills. Looking for an excellent and exceptional Data Science opportunity.

Let us now discuss other vital aspects of your resume apart from career objective for data scientists:

6. Contact Information

Your contact information includes your name, contact details where you can be reached, and headline at the top of the page. In some resume templates, the contact information is located at the bottom of the page. If you don’t want your recruitment manager to search the contact information in the entire resume, then mention it separately. 

You should include the following information in your Data Science resume:

  • Do not put the complete physical address in the resume like your city, school, city, etc.
  • Always use a professional-looking email address and working contact number.
  • There should be a link to your LinkedIn profile.

Moreover, if you mention any link like your GitHub link, it must be working so that the recruitment managers can easily navigate to your profiles, especially for the entry-level data scientist resume. Moreover, your GitHub link should have your Data Science projects.

7. Data Science Published Projects

Your Data Science projects/publications must immediately be mentioned under your contact information. In a junior data scientist resume, you should highlight the projects you’ve created and worked on in the past. It could be a mix of Machine Learning projects, data analysis projects, coding tutorials, or other published articles for Data Science resumes. Your hiring manager would like to know your expertise level and proficiency in the mentioned skills. In this section, you can easily show off your details for the junior data scientist resume.

8. Listing Of Relevant Projects

The paramount goal of a data scientist is to solve business problems. The problem may be easy or difficult, but you must have the ability to solve it. Your manager should come to know about your problem-solving skills by looking at your Data Science cv.

You can include personal projects in the resume, but try to pick the relevant ones. Project solution will involve your technical skills, and ideally, the solution must solve the real business problems as well, and Data Science cv must reflect them.

9. Skill Highlighting

When you specify your projects or publications, define your distinct skills, technologies, and tools to create projects. For a team or group project, highlight your contribution to the project. You can also specify the language and libraries used in the project, just like in the data scientist resume example.

Recruiters search for simple keywords while scanning the resume. So, mentioning the relevant skills in your data scientist resume summary will increase your selection probability.

10. Work Experience

Now, work experience is most imperative. You can label the section as ‘Experience’ or ‘Professional Experience,’ like in many data scientist resume examples. While mentioning your professional experience in numbers, you should mention it at the top and then write the job description below that in chronological order.

11. DS Resume for Freshers

A Data Science resumes for freshers should contain proper and uniform formatting, including all relevant and basic skills. Working professionals should not have a gap of more than 6 months between their work in their resume. Freshers should not have a gap at all, or a valid reason must be provided for the same.

While mentioning dates in the resume, follow a specific date-format for all of them, and use correct spellings. Employers usually want to see your work and your accomplishments. Moreover, your data scientist resume summary must include details according to the job role that you are applying for.

Try to enlist your accomplishments in the context of business metrics; this will also show that you understand the job responsibilities and skill that are required in making imperative business decisions. 

After mentioning all required and essential details in your Data Science resume for a fresher or experienced profile, run a grammar and spelling check. There should not be any grammatical or spelling mistakes in the resume.


Data Science is a popular career these days. Data scientist resume plays an important role in helping professionals and aspirants land a desired job role. The points listed in this article can help you start your professional journey as a data scientist. 

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