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Talking about what are data visualization tools, in simple terms, Data visualization is the representation of any given data into visual forms. The data can be transformed into charts, graphs, or any other data visualization possible. This can be done with the help of data visualization tools. This article will discuss the 20 best data visualization tools one can prefer using. The list will also include various open-source data visualization tools that one can use to get their data converted to graphic form. 

  1. List of Data Visualization Tools in 2020

1. List of Data Visualization Tools in 2020

A) Xplenty

Xplenty is one of the best data visualization tools. Xplenty is not an open-source data visualization tool, but it comes with a 14 days free trial. After that trial gets over, users will have to pay for the plan to use it. People can prefer using Xplenty for converting data such as scheduling jobs, monitoring job progress, sample data outputs, etc. This is integrated with more than 100 stores, making it easy to prepare your data into graphical visualization. 

B) Flot

Flot has a library of line graphs and bars charts. One can use this type of big data visualization tools with a browser that supports canvas. If your work is based on managing simple daily tasks, then you can bring into use Flot. Its vast library can be useful for converting daily data into graphical form, thus making it one of the best data visualization tools online. 

C) Zoho Analytics

Data is the backbone of every business, and Zoho understands it very well and helps businesses manage their accounts. Zoho Analytics is a business-related tool which can help business with maintaining their data. You can also share the reports with your colleagues or team members.

D) Whatagraph

It is not a free tool to be used, but it also does not charge users for the features they do not use. Whatagraph makes it possible to convert even the biggest chunk of data to graphic representation with ease. The pricing for the Whatagraph can vary for the features one prefers to use. 

E) Tableau Desktop

Data visualization tools tableau is another popular tool one can use for visualizing the data of the business. The perks of using this app are easy to use and efficient when it comes to visualizing data. The platform is also mobile-friendly.

F) Sisence

Even with big data sets, you won’t find it difficult to convert your data using this app. Sisence is one of the most prominent apps when it comes to representing data in graphic form. Also, the tool is easy to customize, which makes it easy to use by various businesses. 

G) Domo 

Domo is a tool that can be used to arrange and visualize the data of firms. Domo helps create interactive data visualizations, which will help one understand it better. With pre-built dashboards, you can obtain quick insights from the data. With its free trial, one can use its features and decide whether it is good for them or not. 

H) Microsoft Power BI

Software and products by Microsoft can be used to power even the smallest of businesses. One can use its features to analyze the data and arrange it evenly.

I) Adaptive Discovery

If you are looking for free online data visualization tools to help arrange your data into a visual or graphical representation, you can prefer using Adaptive discovery. Users can connect it with any data source, including ERP, CRM, or HCM. It offers personalized dashboards, modular metrics, and also shared metrics. 

J) TeamMate Analytics

This tool is a package of more than 150 computer-aided audit tools. One can use it with an excel sheet to help arrange your data and accounts. With its user-friendly interface, the tool is quite easy to use. TeamMate Analytics is one of the best data visualization tools to excel. 

K) KlipFolio

One can create various custom visualizations using drag and drop. You can use the tool and access the data from spreadsheets, databases, files, and web services. There are various tools available with the Klipfolio which can be used to execute complex formulas. One can use these complex formulas and solve challenging data problems. 

L) Raphal

Raphal is one of the most commonly used Javascript libraries one can use for creating charts and graphs. Raphal focuses on using SVG and VMl for the output. There are various demo videos available on the website, with which one can learn how to use the tool to visualize the data. 

M) Crossfilter

It is another Javascript library that one can use to arrange the data. One can use the tool to create graphs as well as charts easily. This helps you arrange all the data and helps visualize them. 

N) Dundas BI

It is one of the oldest data visualization tools python which one can use for data presentation. One can convert their data to sparkline, diagrams, indicators, smart tables, rich scorecards, etc. This software runs on HTML 5, with which one can easily use the tool on any of the devices. 

O) Infogram

Infogram is another web-based data visualization tool. One can use the tool to help create digital charts, maps, and infographics. Users can even share their data with anyone. The benefit of using this tool is that no coding skills are required to use it easily. The software has a free as well as a paid version. 

P) Google Charts

Charts by Google is yet another efficient tool one can bring into use to convert their data into visualization tools. The tool can be used on mobile devices as well as browsers. There are various charts templates which one can customize as per their needs. 

Q) Visme

It is considered one of the top data visualization tools, which one can use for online presentation and representing any visual content. There are various eye-catching designs that one can use to convert the data.

R) SAP Analytics Tools

If you are looking for a tool to use for your business, then SAP analytics cloud is what you can prefer. SAP analytics tools can evaluate the data and create various visualization to help arrange your data. 

S) Cluvio

Cluvio, with its easy to use interface, lets you design beautiful and interactive dashboards. It runs on cloud-based technology and can convert data into its graphical representation easily. You can even share the graphical data that you have created.

T) Tap Clicks

Last on the list is tap clicks, one of the best free online data visualization tools. One can easily use it to arrange marketing reports and make charts. Exporting to multiple formats is available on the platform, and also it is easy to use and efficient to power up your business. 


This was the top 20 data visualization tools list one can prefer going for if they are looking for a tool to handle the data. There are various top data visualization tools that one can use to help powerup their business.

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