Delhi elections- The Candidates Analyzed

The people of Delhi have begun to vote, and the rest of India looks on with deep interest. What happens here could well set the tone for the Lok Sabha elections in 2014.  810 candidates have been eagerly and aggressively campaigning the last couple of months and today as many as 1.19 crore eligible voters will go to the polls to decide their fate. The three main contenders, the BJP, the AAP, and the reigning Congress stand by to see whose campaigning efforts ultimately bring in a win.

Jigsaw Academy, an online Data Analytics and Big data training academy couldn’t resist getting in on the action. CEO and Co Founder Gaurav Vohra has put together some data analysis on several of the candidates and the parties they belong to.

Gaurav first pulled together as much data as he could find on the parties and their candidates. He collected data on the ages, educational qualifications, individual asset values and criminal cases if any against them.  Once he had the data, he used some simple analytics tools to analyse it and get insights. He then did what any good data scientist would do- he took these insights and began to weave an interesting story for us all. Some of the highlights of his analysis are:


  • 63% of all candidates have not gone to college
  • More than 50% of the candidates from the leading parties (BJP, AAP and INC) have a college degree.
  • At 64%, the INC has the highest percentage of candidates with a graduate or higher degree.
  • 61% of BJP candidates have a graduate or higher degree
  • 56% of AAP candidates have a graduate or higher degree

Asset Value

  • Average asset value of a candidate is 3.45 crores
  • INC candidates are the richest with average assets of over 14 crores.
  • BJP is second, with their candidates having average assets of over 8 crores.
  • AAP candidates have assets of 2.5 crores on an average.
  • 6% of AAP candidates are worth more than 10 crores. For INC it is 34%.


  • SP and AAP have the youngest candidates – 30% being above 50
  • BJP and INC have the oldest candidates -more than 60% of them being above 50

Criminal cases

  • The BJP at 46% has the highest percentage of candidates with a criminal case against them.
  • The INC at 20% comes in next.
  • The AAP is the lowest here with only 7% of its candidates having a criminal case against them.

Profile of Average Candidate


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