JAM Presents “Discover Your Superpower”

Who doesn’t want a superpower, right? Well, since getting bitten by a radioactive spider or moving things with your mind are not possible (for now), the next best thing to do is take a real-world skill and make it super.

We all use data analysis in our everyday lives, without even knowing it. The need to base decisions on a quantitative analysis is but human nature. We seek to quantify what we don’t understand.

Data Science is the modern age superpower, a power that can shape business decision making and build our future. Retail store owners base their inventory on the shopping patterns of their customers, online advertisers target with custom ads using the browsing behavior of their target audience, financial institutions assess credit risk based on the transactional behavior of account holders. These are just a few of many ways in which use of data analytics can improve business performance and strategy, leading to organizational growth and welfare.

With a skill like this, Data Scientists are the new age superheroes. And like every city needs its own superhero, every company needs not one but many data scientists. Being one of the best-paid jobs, with an advantage of offering the best work-life balance, the job of a data scientist truly is the sexiest one.

To explore the world of analytics, we have lined up a series of awesome talks by expert analytics speakers in the upcoming weeks in the cities of Bangalore and New Delhi. Centred around the exciting areas of Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Data Driven Decision Making, these talks are a must attend for analytics and data science professionals and enthusiasts.


For information about talks in Bangalore, visit here.

For information about talks in Delhi, visit here.

See you there!

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