Even Count Dracula is Hiring a Data Scientist for Halloween

Yes, even he wants in on the Big Data game. Count Dracula is looking for someone to collect and collate all Halloween data from the past decade and give him some insights as to how he can have an edge over the werewolves! Interested?

On a more serious note, it seems as though everyone else is hiring data scientists too.

According to an article Business sentiments rebound; junior level hiring to gain momentum  in the Business Standard this week, India’s improved macro economic condition  is just one of the reasons why hiring is on a high and job growth is expected to be in double digits for half of the sectors and most Indian cities. And guess which sector is specifically mentioned? Yes, Big Data and Predictive Analytics. So gear up, get trained in the skills in demand. If not the underworld,  the many other businesses who are joining the Big Data revolution will definitely want you.

 Happy Halloween!
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