Linda Burtch on the Skills Data Scientists Need

Linda Burtch, the founder and managing director at Burtch Works, has more than 30 years of experience placing quantitative professionals. In her recent article The Must-Have Skills You Need to Become a Data Scientist, Linda has put together a list of technical and non-technical skills that are critical to success in data science, and at the top of hiring managers’ lists. Towards the end of her list, she also gives us a number of resources that can help someone who wants to begin a career in data science. Do take note of the comments section…Thanks Jigsawite Kamraj Subramaniam for adding Jigsaw Academy to the list of resources and commenting as follows”:

I would also like to add another resource here. Jigsaw Academy, the Online School of Analytics. They have some great courses and certifications in Data Analytics and Big Data and have been rated among the best online analytics training institutes. Their blog also has some very interesting resources. I did a couple of courses with them and I must say my experience has been fantastic and as they focus on industry relevant skills, I think what you learn with them really allows you to hit the ground running as a data analyst.”

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