Postgraduate Program in Data Science & Machine Learning by University of Chicago and Jigsaw Academy

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Jigsaw Academy takes great pride in announcing the launch of the Postgraduate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning (PGPDM) in collaboration with one of the most highly acclaimed Universities in the World, the University of Chicago Graham School.

The course is mainly designed for aspirants who want to build a career in Data Science, Machine Learning and work with renowned organizations across the globe that derives business solutions through analytics. The course allows students to learn to process, visualize data and solve real-life problems through data analysis. International lecturers and industry experts from the University of Chicago and Jigsaw Academy together aid participants in reaching those goals.

Gaurav Vohra, Our CEO’s says that “The IT services market has become saturated. Globally, there are no large untapped markets left. The pie is not growing and so everyone is fighting for the same pieces. Companies need to differentiate themselves to grow. Skills like QA and testing that Indians once excelled at, are no longer “in-demand” skills. Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Big Data and Machine Learning – these are the skills of the future, the skills that emerging data scientists need to be picking up.

New age companies like Uber, Airbnb, Netflix and Facebook rely heavily on big data and machine learning for everything. However, with the upskilling of data science, big data and machine learning, India can become a world leader.

On the brighter side, this is University of Chicago’s first and exclusive collaboration with an Indian start-up in the education sector. This collaboration caters to a significant population of learners by upskilling the technology-driven workforce in India. “The comprehensive course will help an aspirant acquire the skills necessary to remain competitive and relevant in a dynamic industry,” added Rob Schnieders, Senior Associate Dean, University of Chicago in a recently held press conference.

The Postgraduate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning has been designed keeping in mind a few key aspects such as:

The first is, of course, the need for professionals with skills to mine information and insights from increasingly vast and complex data that is being generated at a phenomenal pace. These are highly valued and highly technical skills, spanning multiple disciplines including statistics, business knowledge, programming, and data management and processing.

The second aspect is around the softer but equally important skills that are needed in performing data science jobs well – project management, client management, communicating results, the ability to tell interesting stories with data to non-technical business audiences.

“Based on our experience with training across multiple companies and students, we realized that this is an aspect that is often overlooked in programs that focus on technical skills. In this program, we are placing a lot of emphasis on these aspects as well to improve the ability of students to excel in the analytics and data science roles that they are aiming for, and in helping companies hire people that are completely prepared in handling these roles,” says Sarita Digumarti, COO of Jigsaw Academy.

Let’s have a look at the takeaways of the program, which can help you if you would like to enroll in it:

Highlights of the program 

  • Designed for entry-level professionals with an emphasis on breadth of subject
  • Includes the most popular tools and techniques in demand today – R, ML, Spark, and Tableau
  • It’s a mix of online and classroom instruction to enable working professionals to learn easily and conveniently
  • It’s a unique mix of technical and business skill development focus, with advanced analytics and ML techniques as well as project management, storytelling, and communication skills being included
  • Academic rigor with content from the highly regarded University of Chicago and Jigsaw Academy, as well as industry orientation through projects, and lectures by senior analytics and ML subject matter experts

In-depth understanding of course content

  • In-depth understanding of course content
  • Designed to align with job roles in analytics and ML
  • Aimed at professionals in early stages of their career interested in building long-term growth paths in data science
  • Starts with a foundation in statistical and data science theory and concepts
  • Provides students with an understanding of application using business data sets and case studies
  • Students learn via an intensive hands-on approach learning to use multiple tools and techniques, including R, Tableau, XLMiner, Hadoop, MapReduce, Spark and more for building and implementing regression models, ML models in R and Spark, and forecasting models
  • Extensive emphasis placed on interpretation, implementation, planning and selling of data science solutions to business teams

At the end of the course, participants will be able to….

  • Gain a thorough understanding of analytics and data science, when and how it is used, and where it fits on the spectrum of data analysis types
  • Articulate data science problem statements based on an understanding of business requirements
  • Be able to design an appropriate data science solution by selecting the right data science or machine learning algorithm
  • Be able to use multiple tools to build out the data science solution, including data storage tools like Hadoop, data processing tools like MapReduce, R, Pig or Hive, and statistical analytics and machine learning tools like R and Spark
  • Be able to explain and convince a business audience of the validity and usefulness of the solution
  • Know how to apply project management skills to data science projects
  • Build a specialized understanding of data science applied to a domain like Supply Chain, Finance, or Marketing


To know more about the course, download the BROCHURE !

The PGPDM launch was well received by the media and other publications. Read some stories at Analytics India Magazine, The New Indian Express, and more to be added soon!

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