PyGame Tutorial For Beginners: A Simple Overview (2021)

Ajay Ohri


Welcome to this comprehensive PyGame tutorial. Pygame is a user-friendly interface, convenient, easy to comprehend, and develops games instantly. The PyGame tutorial assists in grasping and perform PyGame basics. PyGame is created using c language. Pygame is a python enclosure for the SDL library that states simple direct media player. SDL renders cross-platform entry to your system’s fundamental multimedia hardware constituents such as sound, video, mouse, keyboard, and joystick. Pygame started with the need to substitute the PySDL project. The cross-platform type of both SDL and PyGame indicates that you can write games enriched with multimedia python programs for every interface supporting them. 

Pygame and SDL libraries are transferable across varied platforms and devices, they both need to illustrate and work with cogitation of various hardware realities. Comprehending the concepts and abstracts helps in designing and developing games. The PyGame library consists of numerous python constructs including many modules. These modules provide entry to particular hardware on your system with unified methods to work on the hardware. 

  1. PyGame Tutorial: How to install PyGame
  2. What are the prerequisites?
  3. Pygame tutorial basic steps 

1. PyGame Tutorial: How to install PyGame

  • Search for a spotlight on mac, then we can proceed with the installation of PyGame. Place your cursor on the right-hand corner of the desktop and click on the glass icon that increases in size
  • Once the spotlight search bar is open, typing terminal in the bar will help open the terminal 
  • Type pip3
  • Once general options on the screen are visible, it is an indication that PyGame has been installed in mac
  • The image below shows the PyGame installation

The installation begins at this point and you will have to wait for a while till the installation is completed. It is finished once the message is successfully installed and can be developed. 

For checking whether PyGame has been installed in mac type IDLE in the spotlight search bar, then type import PyGame, if there is no error, it is an indication of successful installation of PyGame. 

  • Installing pygame for OS

Now we enter the key part of this PyGame tutorial. Installing PyGame for OS is easy and convenient when you have python gaming environment. Using the 2.7 python version for installation enables you to create a template for game development with PyGame. 

2. What are the prerequisites?

Prerequisites for PyGame helps in the installation and operation process. Understanding python and working on them is important. This should enable you to answer basic questions such as what you want to build and how to build. The development of PyGameprogresses well once you answer these questions. 

  • Syntax

Comprehending basic syntax is essential for developing the game. These become complex over time but are gratifying. A few of the basic syntax is:

·        Import pygame – Pygame framework access is possible with this command. An initial process of game development. 

·        pygame.init () – a syntax for initiating pygame modules.

·        pygame.display.set.bmode ((w,h)) – A syntax for accessing the window where the game can be played. The window dimensions are denoted by w and h, which are width and height. 

·        pygame. event.get – A game involves sequential events, this syntax enables you the empty the events before adding a new event. 

·        pygame.quit –Syntax for exiting the program as a whole

·        pygame. () – a syntax used for updating graphics.

·        pygame. draw.rect – When the instructions or syntax is unclear, this syntax is an argument provided by pygame. A sign for you to incorporate more particulars such as color or dimension of the shape of the character. 

  • Make the game more interactive 

The objective of the game is user interaction. For rendering the game more interactive, PyGame tutorial suggests the following images and music.

For adding images that can be used


The image file is “name.png.”

For adding music, use‘xyzmp3’)


“xyzmp3” is the file name. 

To fix the number of times it has played use the code play(0).

The music frequency of the track is indicated by the number, 0 meaning track played once while – 1

 The meaning track has been played an infinite number of times. 

  • Limitations:

Though, pygame module is extremely gratifying and interesting; it has its challenges. The commands you use must be case sensitive and accurate and are usually used for 2-D games that are simple. They include shapes and subsidized graphics. Different commands for an individual graphic are tedious and complex. 

3. Pygame tutorial basic steps 

  • Introduction 
  • Setting-up project
  • Initializing and game loop
  • Images, blit, and flip
  • Animal class
  • Animal images displayed
  • Dealing with events 
  • Display of recent images
  • Finishing touch


This concludes our PyGame tutorial. Pygame  is important and predominantly useful to possess the skill. A simple tool for developing strong game frameworks. The greatest aspect of my game is its easy accessibility, where you can conveniently install, learn and use it every day. The pygame tutorial for beginners suggests using for learning the development of video games with convenience and effectiveness at home. Pygame tutorial is about the differences between programming with pygame programming and standard procedural programming. l/earning includes implementing event loops, drawing items on the screen, playing sound effects and music, handling user input.

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