List of R Programming Books – A Comprehensive Guide For 2021

Ajay Ohri


What is R programming? R is an environment and language for statistical graphics and computing. R provides a variety of graphical and statistical techniques (linear and non-linear modelling, time-series analysis etc.). The features of R include effective data storage and handling facility, a coherent, large and an integrated collection of intermediate tools for the analysis of data. R is created around a true computer language and additionally allows the users to add functionality by defining new functions. R has its own documentation format, used to supply comprehensive documentation both in a hard and a soft copy. Read on further to find information on R programming books.

List of R Programming Books

Getting your hand on the right R programming books can help you pick up R programming in a month. Some of the best R programming books are listed below:

  1. The Art of R programming: This is one of the most easily readable books that help you to decode R programming. The author is in-experienced in programming and data science and puts down all the concepts in an easily understandable format for any data scientist or statistician. The Art of R programming is a very simple approach to R from the viewpoint for a generalist. Consisting of 400 pages the book teaches you all the basics of R from compiling to debugging. This book is one of the best R programming books for beginners who may be intrigued by the idea of coding.
  2. Learning R: This books teaches through example and introduces various new concepts all which may be useful from a beginner’s point of view, in a practical way. The book covers arrays, packages, loops, unit testing and the most common workflow techniques for data analysis. It is a fantastic R programming book for beginners.
  3. R in action: Being one of the largest books of R language this one is documented with a variety of beginner’s exercises. The book contains a lot of info about R programming making it one of the best learning tools for all levels of experience. 
  4. Practical data science with R: This is a theory-based book which covers the aspect of R from the perspective of Data Science. The books are very easily understandable and vastly improves your knowledge of data processing and analysis. 
  5. Book of R: The book is known to be one of the best R programming books present out there with a fantastic writing style for beginners. It spans the whole R programming universe rather than focusing on a single area. Each chapter moves in an organised manner starting from basics and leading up to the techniques for building R. 

Other books about R programming include R for everyone, R for dummies, Easy R programming for beginners, Efficient R programming, R packages, R for excel users and ggplot2: Elegant graphics for data analysis. 


Though you may feel overwhelmed with so many options keep in mind that each book targets different sets of people at different learning stages. The best R programming books for beginners would be R in Action or The Book of R. if you want to get your hands on advanced books for learning about R programming then Efficient R programming is a must-read. After reading the above article we hope that you have a complete idea of the top R programming books. 

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