Meet the New Elite: The New Cohort of PGPDM

We are off to an exciting start with the next batch of students of the Postgraduate Program in Data Science & Machine Learning (PGPDM) kicking off the classes with an eventful session in Bangalore.

The Postgraduate Program in Data Science & Machine Learning (PGPDM) is a highly specialized learning program for aspiring analytics enthusiasts crafted by Jigsaw Academy and University of Chicago Graham School, with IBM as the corporate partner. Geared towards building an elite bunch of technology professionals in India, this program offers intensive training in the areas of Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Visualization, and Project Management.

The first day began with Gaurav Vohra, CEO, Jigsaw Academy addressing the cohort and walking them through the program objectives and criticalities.

Pic 1: Gaurav Vohra giving a walk-through of the program to the students of PGPDM.


Guest Lectures with Industry Leaders

The two-day in person session saw a slew of experts talking to the students on various topics.

Vijay Rajan, Co-founder of Fratics, walked the students through the importance and need to add Data Science to one’s skill set. Expressing the demand by organizations to be data driven, he talked to them about how it is necessary to back their case with data and tell a convincing story with that data. He also spoke about transitioning from Data Engineering to Data Science.

Pic 2: Vijay Rajan on the need for a Data Science skill  set


The next address was by Srivatsa Kanchibotla, Senior Partner at TheMathCompany. The invigorating lecture explored the overall data science process, with special emphasis on the important stages of data management/data cleaning. He also talked to the students about the use cases across industries/sectors, highlighting the value generated by the application of Data Science & Machine Learning techniques to business processes and the innovations and trends in the Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence space.

Pic 3: Srivatsa Kanchibotla on the day in the life of a Data Scientist.


The next day saw Kalpana Krishnaswami, Founder at Cerenode, show an array of real world use cases and applications of Data Science, Machine Learning, & Artificial Intelligence. With over 30 years of experience across business and technical roles in the scientific computing industry, her insights were interesting and invaluable to all who attended.

Pic 4: Kalpana Krishnaswami explaining industry applications in healthcare and life sciences


Student Speak

Here is what some students had to say:

“Srivatsa gave an enriching talk. He was able to share his practical experience very well. His session was lively, witty, very informative and motivational as well. Motivational aspect was the most effective. Definitely would like to hear a lot from him.”Hiran Kumar Puthussery, Project Manager, Stealth Startup

“Kalpana’s session was a good intro into the application of data science to the health care sector, which was very interesting.” – Anil Nair, Principal Business Analyst, Manhattan Associates

“Vijay had an in depth understanding of topic at hand.” –  Pooja Vijaykumar, Analytics Fresher

Pic 5: Students of the PGPDM


Keep watching this space for updates on the upcoming inaugural session in New Delhi.

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