Top 10 Reasons to Date a Data Scientist


  1. They will never miss your birthday because they have already calculated the “Risk” of doing so.

  2. If you are confused about which offer to go with at your favourite shopping destination, well your data scientist partner can provide some valuable shopping insights on which is the best one to select.

  3. They will respect your parents and treat them well because they have done “sentiment analysis” and know the role of emotions in driving social networks.

  4. They are effective communicators and can come up with great punchlines on why they love you. Example : I love you because the return on happiness I get for every moment spent with you is way higher than I could calculate mathematically.

  5. They can’t go wrong with romantic holiday destinations, after all they would have analysed them based on all romantic parameters.

  6. They love attention to detail. Anything new you buy will never go unnoticed

  7. They are inquisitive and will go to great lengths to investigate all the flavours of ice cream at your favourite ice cream joint, finally presenting you will a great visualization on the most tasty, healthy flavour.

  8. With their keen business acumen and amazing analytic skills, they will continuously give you great tips to save money, like what should be the optimal premium you should pay in order to get the best car and have the least maintenance or how to optimize your credit card.

  9. They will never assume anything- all decisions and perceptions will be based on hard facts.

  10. They earn loads of money.

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