Top 5 Data Science Industry Experts/Data Scientists’ Videos

Data is suddenly the most sought-after entity on the planet as we witness the digital revolution all around us. An astounding amount of data is spawned in the enterprise today and everyone, including the biggest corporate entities, are struggling to keep at pace with the speed of this data-generation. Hence, Data Science is the only solution to all such challenges. Further, these are the top 5 data science videos that explain the potential and future of data science.

1. Siddhartha Shishoo, Business HR Leader, Genpact:

Siddhartha explains about data science as a budding discipline, one of the hottest-things in the market today. He breaks down ‘Machine Learning‘ as a concept and explains it very well without actually using the term. Moreover, his knowledge of data science is pretty insightful.

Watch the full video here:

2. Goutam Chakraborty, Professor, Oklahoma University:

Goutam explains how “programming” is one of the basic skills needed to become a Data Scientist. Further, he explains how the Universities across the world can take a ‘SaaS-based-approach’ for teaching Data Science. It will help in bridging the “analytics-gap” prevalent in the business landscape. As per him, ‘passion’ for data science is central to the idea of becoming a successful Data Scientist.

Watch this ‘inside analytics’ video to learn more:

3. Adobe:

What’s it like to be a Data Scientist at Adobe? It must be one hell of a job given the variety of data the organization has. The video shows how Data Scientists impact the overall business with creating really useful algorithms. Also, making such an impact is extremely rewarding at Adobe.

Find out more “inside-details” here:

4. Barrack Obama/DJ Patil

With a cool and an insightful introduction to Data Science, Barrack Obama introduces DJ Patil as the Chief Data Scientist and a visionary on the subject. Further, DJ Patil explains his take on data science and its implications. He also talks about the future of Data Science and how “data-driven” the US government is.

Watch the informative video here:

5. Jeremy Howard, CEO and Founder, Enlitic

He explores the capabilities of Machine Learning in this video. Further, he explains how data science has entered the healthcare domain. “Data” is literally re-writing the medical-rule-books and protocols. “Deep learning” and “drug-discovering-algorithms” are revolutionizing the society with the advent of data-driven-medicine. He discusses at length about the future of data science.

Find out more here:

The untapped potential data science has and the wonders it can work for the human race is the talk to of the town today. Data is everywhere. Hence, most of the decisions taken in the business world today are data-driven decisions. Every industry is taking the data science approach to improve their business operations. Further, the room for error in the decisions made based on various data factors is extremely less. Seems like there are still a few industries that have not been able to use the power of Data Science to their benefit. It is just a matter of time. Consequently, given enough time, those will come around and will recognize the true potential of the field.

Hence, don’t get left out in this information-driven world. Update yourself with what is going on in the world of data science using the above links.

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