Top 5 Videos on Data Science You Must Watch

Self-paced learning is the new trend and we must say, it’s really effective. With the evolution of technology, one of the benefits that have reached the common man is the exposure to educational content and information that will help him or her evolve as a person. With YouTube, this has gone to the next level with the pros sharing their knowledge and expertise online through introductory videos, tutorials, podcasts, and more, helping people learn things without literally spending cash. If you’ve seen, people learn diverse things from cooking and languages to music – Hans Zimmer is teaching music!

Coming out to help aspiring data scientists learn the complexities of Big Data analytics, there are tons of experienced professionals out there who upload videos on this topic. Their extensive knowledge on this subject has helped them gain subscribers and even pave way for effective interactions on the comments section. So, as a compilation, here are the top 5 videos on Data Science you should watch.

Data Science and Where we are going

Recorded at the Strata + Hadoop O’Reilly’s conference, this video has Dr. DJ Patil talking about data science in the most comprehensive way possible. Starting off with Obama’s opinion on why data has the potential to change things for good, he emphasizes how you can tap Data Science’s potential to your benefit. It’s not a tutorial video and sheds light on the bigger picture of Data Science and its influence. A must watch for beginners. You can watch it here.

How to become a data scientist?

After you’ve got an idea of what Data Science is and how it can make your life, career and the world better, the next step is to know how you can become one. For that, we have the perfect video. With a presentation by Dennis O’Brien and Ryan Orbam, the video talks about what data science is, why you need it, and the right steps to become a successful data scientist. The video also discusses how it is to be a data scientist in a startup, considering it’s the startups that are hiring more data scientists than corporate companies. Watch the video here.

Video on Predictive Modelling Techniques

One of the first things you’ll learn in data science – predictive modelling, the video sheds light on the concept that is more like a foundation to everything that you will learn on data science. You will realize the quality of the video in the fact that the video is immensely popular despite being close to three hours in duration. You will learn concepts like the classes of regression models and how they are applied with the help of case studies. Watch the video here.

Some Robotics and AI for the day

One of the allied subjects of Big Data and analytics is robotics or artificial intelligence. With advanced devices and tech gadgets come massive chunks of data with crucial pieces of information and that’s exactly how data and devices are related. On this particular video, the founder of Coursera and ML expert shares his research on robotics and the future of artificial intelligence. From computer vision to robot assists, this video discusses it all. You cannot miss this one.

Data analysts Vs. Data Scientist

We know, it’s quite confusing. There are a lot of misconceptions about the roles and responsibilities of that of data analysts and data scientists and this video clears them all. From the ways to generate data and making the most of it to explaining the roles of a data scientist and a data analyst, you can get your basics right with this video here.

Check out these videos and gain more knowledge on the subject. Share more videos you know of on the comments section.

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