Top Data Science Experts on Twitter/LinkedIn You Should Follow

There are tons of things happening in the world and what we come across and know on a daily basis is just 5% of them. When it comes to technology, the happenings are even rapid and fast. You go to sleep thinking about a technology that’s in trend and the next morning you wake up, another technology makes its way, taking the world by storm. This has been happening quite often of late and one of the most recent developments to leave a scintillating impact is Data Science.

With companies now realizing the worth of Data Science and analytics and the crucial information it offers, Data Science is indeed the hottest industry right now. If you’re an analytics aspirant, it goes without saying that you need to be well-informed and updated about the industry.

Considering the demand in the analytics sector currently, recruiters are looking for people who have an edge over others and how aware they are on analytics. Though subscribing to the popular tech blogs and websites will give you precise information on the industry, what you need are the opinions of industry experts and influencers. Now, they are veterans in analytics and are working on a lot more projects than those that make it into tech blogs. You must be aware of them and for that, you need to follow the veterans out there.

In this article, we’ve compiled the prominent data scientists you need to follow on Twitter/ LinkedIn. The content they post on their handles is all informative, valuable, engaging and relevant. Read on.

Kirk Borne

It’s not every day that a data scientist gets a call from the President of the United States. And if one gets, it has to be Kirk Borne! Regarded as Captain Kirk in the analytics sector, Kirk is an analytics veteran, educator, a space scientist and more. Currently working at Booz Allen as the principal data scientist, he has taught Data Science, statistics, data ethics, computational modelling and more for 12 years at Mason University. If this fascinates you, let me tell you that he also worked with NASA for over a decade. If you’re serious about Data Science, Kirk is one of the first influencers you should follow.

Jeremy Waite

He was the world number one Data Science influencer in 2015 by Onalytica. With over 72,000 Twitter followers, his authority in Data Science helps him share very useful content on analytics and sometimes playfully make fun of his profession as well. He has worked for the Marketing Cloud of Salesforce as the head of digital strategy and is currently an Evangelist for Watson marketing.

Craig Brown

With over two decades of experience in the IT industry, he is a Big Data expert and a prominent tech consultant. His tweets are often on technical topics and you’ll find tons of informative content on data analytics. With over 173 thousand followers, he is also motorcyclist. What’s more? He is also the author of the book Untapped Potential – the Supreme Partnership of Self, a book that deals with self-discovery and tools you will need for success.

Sarita Digumarti

If I kept five flavors of ice cream in front of you and asked you to pick one, obviously you’ll select the one that you like the most. However, Sarita has a different approach. She applies analytics techniques and selects the flavor perfect for that moment. According to her, analytics is everywhere and in everything and it’s this approach that has made her one of the top analytics influencers in India. With a master’s degree in quantitative economics from Tufts University, she has worked across diverse sectors, helping companies with her analytics skills. She is now the co-founder of Jigsaw Academy.

Bob Hayes

Bob’s purposes and intentions revolve around taking analytics techniques and applying them to things that would help improve our society. He uses his technical expertise to help companies work on their customer experience and satisfaction. He has a Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and has worked for top companies. Bob is now the president of Business Over Broadway. You should definitely check out his articles on customer analytics.

Bernard Marr

Apart from being an analytics expert, a Big Data specialist, keynote speaker and a strategic performance consultant, he is also a published author. He used his expertise and domain knowledge to publish two books on Data Science – Analytics and the Internet of Things and Data Strategy – How to profit from a world of Big Data. He has also written over 500  to switch to analytics, wearticles on this subject and if you’re planning recommend you read his write-ups.

It’s really helpful to follow the influencers we just mentioned. At some point in your journey in analytics, their approach, articles or perspectives will take you places. Consider them your virtual mentors and follow them first thing. Comment if you know of other Data Science influencers.

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