Upskilling to Data Science- From a non-coder’s perspective!

Bangalore is the tech hub and is dubbed as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’. Millions of hopeful techies move to Bangalore with hopes and dreams encased in their hearts. The city pushes you to shine brighter in the sea of uncut diamonds. Vabesh Bahere is one such professional who worked as an ETL tester in Deloitte after graduating in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Having worked with data for 6 years, he made the decision to upskill and foray into the world of data science and analytics. His bold decision paid off as he now has offers from MNCs like TCS and Ernst & Young (EY) post completion of the Postgraduate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning (PGPDM) course from Jigsaw Academy.

His journey is an inspiration for all techies who wish to break out of the mold and secure a future in one of the most promising domains. With no coding or Machine Learning experience, he was a little apprehensive about making the jump. After exhaustive research to decide on a course that delved deep into the data science world while covering the basics, he found the PGPDM course that suited his needs. Juggling the demands of a full-time job and pursuing education was made easier with the flexibility afforded by a course tailor-made for working professionals.

“It was a little challenging to juggle all my responsibilities and the course requirements. I realized soon enough that it was all about prioritizing and focusing on what’s important in say, 10 years from now. Prioritize and grow.”

Vabesh feels that the basics were covered quite well so it wasn’t very hard to keep up. His fears of struggling to understand new concepts were put to rest by the experienced and diligent faculty. 

“Even a non-coder like me with no prior knowledge of programming was able to grasp the concepts and be at par with students who knew programming. This boosted my confidence and enthusiasm for the course.”

Vabesh is looking forward to beginning his career in the field of data science and analytics. He feels that all the slogging definitely paid off and he’s ecstatic about what the future holds. Jigsaw Academy congratulates and wishes him the very best for his future!


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