Why The Data Science Certification Course Is Fit For Beginners?

You’ve most probably heard about Data Science, whether randomly in a conversation or a news article, and you’ve probably wondered if it’s as glamorous as people make it out to be. It is! Data Science is a highly lucrative field with market size of around $38 billion, and it is expected to get to $140 in just a few years. As promising as this career is, it is also complex, and it would be best for a beginner to take on a structured Data Science program rather than attempt to learn it by yourself. 

But before we tread any further, let’s take a quick look at what Data Science entails. 

Data Science involves analysing vast amounts of data using algorithms, processes, and statistical methods to gain meaningful insights. This can help companies make better and more innovative products, forge better customer relationships and create a distinctive business advantage. It helps companies make better decisions in various areas such as resource allocation, security, etc.

Here are a few reasons a Data Science certification course is a good fit for beginners. 


If you find yourself having the ability to understand information and see patterns in data, you might be someone who would do well in the field of data science. The best part is that you can start from scratch by doing a data science program. While other industries require a bachelor’s or master’s degree in their field, data science is skills-based, and all you need is certification. 

Growth opportunities

So much data is being churned out every day, and more companies desire to leverage it. This is why many businesses employ data scientists to help them analyze their data and provide them with critical insights. Therefore, it is not surprising that the demand for data scientists has increased, which points to it being a career with a lot of future growth and a stable and secure career option. 

Application in many fields

Data is needed and used in almost every industry, so Data Science is so popular. It is a field that stems from many other disciplines and industries. As Geoffrey Moore, an American Management Consultant and Author, puts it, “Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.” This holds accurate as more businesses realise the benefits of Data Science. 

With the help of Data Science, banks can manage their resources, detect fraud faster, and keep track of the customers they have. It can build instruments to detect and even cure diseases in healthcare. Have you wondered how certain websites like Netflix and Hotstar can recommend the right movies or shows for you to watch? Data Science helps create these recommendation systems. Data Science is also used by logistical companies such as DHL or Bluedart to choose the best routes to deliver their products. It can also help law enforcement to anticipate criminal activity. Using Data Science, companies can predict problems and future growth and make informed decisions and strategies. I hope you get a little idea of how vast and far-reaching this industry spreads. Building a career in this field can help you get a chance to work in many different industries. This is a perfect time for you to start building your career in Data Science

Basic skills needed

While a Data Science program is a good fit for a beginner, you need specific basic skills for this field. Mathematics is primarily necessary to understand and use quantitative tools. Data scientists need to have technological skills to use algorithms and other tools related to computer languages and code. They also need to share information clearly to enable their companies to gain the proper perspective for decision-making.

Choose a comprehensive course.

Maybe you’re just starting in your career, hoping to change careers, or adding some pizazz to your resume. A good Data Science program will be comprehensive and give you the whole spread of what Data Science entails. It can help you master a diverse range of skills, from Python to Machine Learning, while also helping you identify what you want to specialize in. A comprehensive course will also enable you to see the process from start to finish, how to gather and clean data, how to analyze it, and finally, how to creatively and effectively share your data. 

Different job roles

This field has a variety of roles to choose from, and it’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed at first. While I can’t list every single role in Data Science, I’d like to list three to help you get started. Data scientists have more of a general role, and they know a bit of everything. They are responsible for mining and cleaning data, and they are also responsible for determining the problem and finding and presenting relevant data.

On the other hand, data analysts act as bridges between data scientists and business analysts. They are responsible for organizing and analyzing data and turning them into an action plan. Data engineers are responsible for developing and managing the companies’ data setup and infrastructure. They help data scientists in transferring and converting data. These are only a few of the many Data Science roles available, and as this field grows, that number is likely to rise. Make sure that you take the time to decide which role fits you the best.

Where to learn

If you are eager to step into the world of Data Science and forge your career path in this very ambitious and lucrative field, consider doing the Data Science program offered by UNext. While you can get certified on many other platforms, it has no value if you haven’t gained the skill set needed for this industry, and it would be a waste of your time, effort, and money. However, this Data Science certification will lay a solid foundation, give you hands-on training, and help you build the right skill set for success.

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