Relator by Susan Mani – A Blog So Interesting, You Can’t Help But Read!

Relator by Susan Mani is a blog that serves a purpose for almost anybody who visits it. It delivers a power-packed combination of engaging and insightful content. From explaining all about supply chains through an anecdote about missing carrots to discussing the art of Statistics through a more intellectualistic approach, there is a careful balance between exciting and informative content on this website, a quality very few blogs possess. The moment you start reading a post from this blog, you’re hooked! If you haven’t had the privilege to check this blog yet, this is your chance to treat yourself to some high-quality content. The blog is managed by Susan Mani, somebody who’s immensely skilled in storytelling through data.

Widely known for her diligence and profound technical skills among colleagues, Susan Mani has spent more than 15 years in the domain of Business Analytics. She has contributed her share of knowledge and hard work to assess and implement Data Science solutions in Marketing, Supply Chain, Pricing, and Warranty contexts. After successfully receiving outstanding technical training from the University of Cambridge and other revered institutions, Susan has also worked in several environments, each having a diverse set of application techniques, data readiness, and ease of implementation. Susan has also previously taught at Jigsaw Academy. 

Susan Mani

Eager to always step out of her comfort zone, she has attained a rich professional experience in the CPG/ FMCG, Financial Services, and Automotive sectors. Possessing a strong work ethic and a more robust command over fundamentals, Susan is also an economist by training and was a Shell Centenary Chevening Scholar at the University of Cambridge. 

Mani is driven by her passion for Data Science and the influential power of data that endlessly affects all the areas of our lives. In her spare time, Susan enjoys reading and playing the guitar. 

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