Full Stack Developer: A Concise Guide In 7 Points

Ajay Ohri

Introduction: The meaning of “Fully Stuck Developer”

Full Stack Developer means – Software development is one of the most commanding and high-income earning professions today. But programming is a career for more reasons other than monetary benefits. Full Stack Developers are experts who assist in App development from the planning phase, and processing to deployment. These tools are more commonly used for the web development of applications & user interfaces (UI).

  1. Who is a Full Stack developer?
  2. Why do we need a Full Stack developer?
  3. Skillset of Full Stack developer
  4. Java Full Stack developer
  5. Various software stacks
  6. Full Stack developer salary
  7. Myths about Full Stack developer

1) Who is a Full Stack developer?

Some Professionals know the creative side like designing how a website should look they are front-end developers & some may know the programming of such web development they are back-end developers. There is a category of professionals who are well versed in both front end & back end of Application development of web development. They can design a web page & Applications on the web. He is an engineer who works both on the front & back end of the computer application.

2) Why do we need a Full Stack developer?

A Full Stack developer is required for any organization for Manpower, resources, and operating expenses incurred in employing a single person rather than employing different personnel for each of the services.

3) Skillset of Full Stack developer

 A Full stack developer exhibits a range of skills. Some of the skill sets required of them are –

  • JavaScript

It is one of the modes commonly used languages for writing code for user interfaces & back-end development. Java Script could be a necessary ability for any developer. the sole artificial language that may be run wireless within the browser and on the user’s PC is JavaScript.

  • Git and GitHub

It ensures agility & performance of projects. If Developers are engaged as a team then they are mandatorily required to have a GitHub profile. Understanding Git enables better focus & Cooperation with fellow team members.

  • Languages

Since the developer has to focus both on front end & back-end application development, he has to know of some of the back-end programming languages like PHP, Python, Ruby & Java.

  • Web Architecture

They must knowledge to structure the code, analyse the files, organize the information in databases, and perform the mandatory computations, as their primary duty is to create powerful computer code applications from scratch.

  • Database

All applications must store information in a database for future use. This can be done only by a qualified & experienced developer who can construct, appreciate & manage databases.

  • Design 

The developer must have basic structural skills to make the development of the front-end application look attractive & engaging to the users not only that that application should have a friendly user interface. For developing such an application the developer should be able to grasp the key design of the system.

  • Soft skills

Apart from Technical & other creative knowledge of the application, the developer should also possess the ability to work in stressful situations, be enthusiastic to acquire knowledge, creative thinking & be vigilant.

4) Java Full Stack developer 

Java is one of the most popular languages & has huge employment opportunities in the market. A Java Full Stack Web Developer is a developer with deep knowledge and expertise on comprehensive tools and frameworks that works with Java. A Java full-stack web engineer knows other dialects and systems as well, but after the day, could be an ace at working with a Java suite of innovations and frameworks.

5) Various software stacks

A software stack could be a collection of the programs which are utilized together to deliver a particular result. It incorporates a working framework and its application. There are similarities in plan patterns & design over distinctive stacks selected. Some of the stacks are LAMP Stack (allows to deploy apps on Linux OS), MERN Stack, and MEAN Stack (allows users to deploy their apps on any OS).

6) Full Stack developer salary

If a person possesses expertise knowledge & skills to perform work that requires more than one person, then he may earn a higher remuneration than others. Also, if the professional is of experienced one in the field, the proposed employer will be willing to negotiate the salary as the employer would be considering the future benefits of recruiting such a person. The average salary in India for a developer will range from INR 12 lakhs – 14 lakhs per annum.

7) Myths about Full Stack developer

The Developer is expected to know all areas & they have but have working knowledge & specialization in one or two areas, in other areas they have only basic understanding, but not in-depth knowledge. Some of the myths are –

  • There may be some areas where the developers have expert knowledge & generally he will tend to focus more on his specialized areas than those of which he has only an understanding.
  • A single developer cannot develop knowledge & expertise in all the areas which the company requires. Also, a company shouldn’t rely only on one Full Stack developer for all the needs of the entity.
  • In the case of a team, the company can hire those professionals who are experts in areas required by the company. Practically a single developer can’t handle everything in the organization.


The requirement for full-stack developers will grow steadily as new technologies hit the market. Though this comes with its alarms and shrieks, a lot of things that other developers don’t have to master, you’ll have to still understand, and it can seem a little challenging to others.

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