A Lighter Look at our Faculty

Sanchita Lobo
29 Nov
From left to right, Abhirami, Gunnvant, Pavitrra, Gaurav, Sarita, Kafeel, Mayukh, Kiran, Shilpa, Neha

This week we have been honoring our much loved faculty at Jigsaw Academy. They are honestly a great team, committed and always happy to go that extra bit to ensure that our students have a fantastic learning experience. Just so that you can get to know them a little better, we asked them to tell us something light and amusing about themselves or their colleagues, as believe it or not, in the midst of all that analytics, they also indulge in some fun and light hearted banter.

Gunnvant: Been practicing statistics for long enough to see an increase in tolerance levels.

Kafeel: I would like to watch Tom and Jerry episodes every day.
Neha (About colleague Shilpa): If witty Shilpa did not work for Jigsaw, she would have been with GOOGLE – Guess Why?..Because she can address anything we ask her via google search.
Shilpa (About colleague Neha): Eat, Pray, Laugh with Neha
Abhirami: Having worked with Text mining analytics for a very long time I am at expert at reading between the lines.
Pavitra: Slim model working with Big Data (according to Abhirami)
Mayukh : Three things ( or words) define my life: Cricket, cricket, and the third one is easily guessable.
Sarita: People wonder if my car is a mobile analytics library. If you peep inside all you will see is Analytics books and tons of magazines.
Gaurav: Absent minded professor (everyone approved this one!)
Kiran: Big on Data, Big on sarcasm
For a more serious look at their profiles click here https://u-next.com/faculty

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