Debunking the Myths on Online Classroom Training

If you grew up in India, we are sure your grandparents would have narrated this interesting story on how they used to walk for miles from their home to reach their schools. As kids, we listened to them in awe but as we became older, we witnessed disruptive technologies completely changing the way things worked before.

One of the major industries technology has shaped in the last five decades is education. From studying under street lights and crossing treacherous terrains to reach schools, we have come a really long way. Today, we get access to information, books and every single study material we need on our fingertips. The evolution of portable devices and the internet have allowed us to be location independent and pursue our interests in learning from anywhere.

Despite this revolution, a lot of us still have a dose of misconceptions when it comes to online classes. From taking online sessions for granted on the pretext of being easy to assuming their effectiveness, we are yet to get solid clarity on the efficiency of online classes.

That is why we felt it is important to debunk some crucial myths on online classes. So, here they are.

Online Classes are Comparatively Easy

While compiling the list, we had to top it with this myth. For most of us, online classes are convenient alternates to conventional classes, where we tend to assume that they are not as demanding or challenging as their traditional counterparts. However, in reality, online classes are sometimes more challenging because it is virtual and is devoid of personal, face-to-face interactions. Plus, this is exploratory in nature, where you need to put in more efforts to get the study materials, do research, keep up with the peer pressure and more.

You Can Learn in Your Sweet Time

Nope! Online classes come with strict deadlines when it comes to completing assignments and projects. Most importantly, they would not wait for you to catch up with the syllabus. Though you will have access to reference materials, eBooks and videos, you would be only piling up tasks if you don’t work on your subject every day. Especially, if there is a chapter you need to complete to follow the others, you definitely cannot take your own sweet time to find your mojo to study. It’s an everyday affair.

Most Online Classes are Recorded Videos

This is again an alarming myth that surrounds online classroom training. Even online classes have evolved in their nature when most companies that offered distance, tech-based classes. They switched from sending out links of recorded sessions to dedicating an instructor to conduct every single session. This means you have the luxury to interrupt your instructor and get your questions clarified right at that moment or even ask him or her to repeat the exercise.

You Were Anonymous and Will Stay One

Online classes are very much similar to traditional classrooms when it comes to interacting with peers. On the first few days, there are hesitations in knowing your classmates but once the ice is broken, you would have a good company of fellow aspirants who share your thoughts, dreams and ambitions. Besides, your instructors would recognize you by your name and performance as well.

You need to be Tech-savvy

This is not a requirement or concern at all. If you read up more about online classes, you would be surprised to note that it’s the elders and the more curious souls who are not much exposed to technology who take up courses. A working personal computer, an internet connection and a valid email address are the basic technical requirements for you to get started with online classes.

Through word of mouth or from experiences that are subjective, many hoaxes and misconceptions tend to crop up about online classes. However, like you saw, the reality is completely different. If you have any other myth in mind about online classrooms, share them on your comments.

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