How does an online M.Sc degree in Data Science help candidates build a distinctive career in analytics?

Publication: Express Computer
October 17, 2022

By Ambrish Sinha, Chief Executive Officer, UNext Learning

Data Science is a fast-growing field with a lot of job opportunities. Organizations across industries are adopting data science for making data-backed decisions.

The global data science platform market is expected to grow to USD 695 billion by 2030 with a CAGR of 27.6% from 2021 (USD 95.31 billion), reported Polaris Market Research. Cutting-edge technologies like IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud-based platforms, and others widen the scope of data science manifold.

The thriving IT industry in India and the corresponding behavioural change towards digital transformation pave the way for the growth of data science in the country. According to an Analytics India study, the analytics industry has had a substantial 34.5% year-on-year growth in 2022. The market value has reached USD 61.1 billion in India. The industry is expected to grow to USD 201 billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 26.9%. All these indicators show the growing demand for data science professionals to perform various roles. Hence, this is the best time to plunge into a career in data.

How to enter the data science domain
An aspirant has several methods to start a career in the data science and analytics field. In this digital yuga, a smart individual can acquire all the skills themselves using free resources available online. However, formal education will help open new avenues and improve prospects. The topmost benefit today is that students can learn everything online. Various online data science programs are available today, including an online master’s degree in data science.

Online MSc in Data Science is a popular program to learn all the necessary data science concepts and acquire future-ready skills. Students are exposed to various methods and tools in data science as part of the online MSc curriculum. This program prepares learners for diverse careers in data science, including roles such as data analyst, business analyst, machine learning specialist, database manager, etc.

Start a career with an online MSc in Data Science
Let’s examine how pursuing an online MSc in Data Science help candidates build a distinctive career in analytics.

1. Multidisciplinary approach: A master’s program in Data Science follows a multidisciplinary approach. Besides covering database management, analytics, and visualizations, and other niche subjects, the program deep dives into statistics, mathematics, programming, and more.

2. Deep knowledge of programming: An MSc in Data Science generally deals with various programming languages, that includes Python, R, SQL, JavaScript, Scala, and others.

3. Many tools to master: During this two-year program, a student will have hands-on expertise in several tools for storing, processing, analyzing, and visualizing data. Students will be trained in Apache Hadoop, MATLAB, BigML, Tableau, QlikView and more.

4. Focused training on soft skills: While pursuing a course online, a student will learn various soft skills like online collaboration, digital communication, presentation, and team building. An online MSc in Data Science from top-class institutions focuses on instilling soft skills through skill development sessions and other webinars and events.

5. Broader networking: An online program inducts students from various regions. Hence, every enrolled student gets a chance to connect with a wide range of co-learners, faculty, industry leaders and professionals to widen their professional networks.

6. Career development opportunities: Since it is delivered online, even working professionals can pursue a PG program in Data Science while they continue their full-time jobs. They can use this degree for career advancement or for a career switch. For both experienced folks and fresh graduates, a postgraduate degree in Data Science gives many opportunities.

7. Lucrative salary: With an M.Sc in Data Science, candidates will have a higher salary than others who complete certificate programs. M.Sc graduates can enter top positions with lucrative salaries.

8. Opportunities for skill enhancements through certificates: While pursuing an online master’s degree, learners can earn skill-specific certificates from platforms like Coursera.

An online M.Sc program in data science is advantageous for candidates to build a solid career in the data science and analytics stream. Candidates can develop industry-specific and future- oriented skill sets to enter the industry with confidence and proficiency.

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