How an MBA impacts your career

Earning a professional degree in business management has a wide range of benefits for young professionals. Whether you have an analytical or a creative bent of mind, come from a business or non-business background, are introverted or extroverted, the management and leadership skills that you pick up while pursuing an MBA will equip you with a diverse skill set. This bolsters the trajectory of your professional journey. Let’s take a look at some of the ways an MBA degree can impact your career:

Enhances skillset

Pursuing a management degree, be it on-campus or online, gives you the opportunity to enhance your knowledge and skills. During the MBA course, you develop leadership skills and assimilate in-depth knowledge of strategy and analysis techniques. These skills are vital in all areas of business operations, which makes them highly appealing to prospective employers.

In addition to this, you get to work on several team projects, present case studies, and address large audiences. This hands-on experience equips you with strong communication skills, boosts self-confidence, and helps you develop a knack of working with teams. All of these are leadership qualities that prepare you to take on managerial roles successfully.

Promotes networking

Another key benefit of being part of a reputed university is the chance to network with fellow students, mentors, professors as well as the alumni. All of these connections can prove helpful in securing employment guidance and opportunities later on. Most B-schools encourage these networking experiences, as they form the bedrock for accentuating students’ management skills and capabilities. In fact, 92 per cent of MBA graduates land a job within three months of completing their course.

Not just for career growth and opportunities, the people you interact with while pursuing an MBA degree pay off in other ways too. Apart from building lasting relationships, you’re also exposed to diverse ideas and opinions that help you develop a worldview and mold you as a well-informed person.

Provides better career prospects

MBA graduates not only have high qualifications but also hands-on knowledge of business operations. Naturally, this makes them better positioned to hold high-level managerial positions. In fact, an MBA degree is a prerequisite for securing managerial positions in nearly all industries.

With an MBA from a reputed institution and the zeal to push the envelope, young professionals can climb up the career ladder rather quickly, reaching senior managerial positions such as administrators or board directors within a few years. Yes, these are demanding roles with huge responsibilities, but they’re also highly reputed well-paying positions. A survey indicates that working professionals see an 80 per cent jump in salaries after completing a management degree.

Inspires out-of-the-box perspective

Leadership roles entail fostering innovation, comprehending abstract ideas, and ensuring their seamless execution and implementation. CEOs and board directors drive change through concepts such as transformational management and thought leadership.

An MBA degree instils integrated perspectives and a holistic outlook towards the business world. This, supported by the vast network of professionals that you’re a part of, helps in understanding processes and techniques that encourage out-of-the-box problem solving and establish new operational standards.

The acute receptiveness and deep understanding cultivated in a business school help MBA graduates become agents of change and growth.

Strengthens authority

A recognized MBA degree is the best way to establish your authority in any industry vertical or field of work. Pursuing and completing an MBA degree is in itself proof that you’re a motivated, hard-working professional. Someone willing to go above and beyond to fulfil their goals, even more so if you’re a working professional pursuing a business management degree alongside a full-time job.

Besides, the curriculum of a business degree allows you to expand your knowledge base, giving you greater authority to handle senior managerial roles. It is a collaborative and enriching experience that transforms you into a reputed business expert.

Nurtures personal growth

The benefits of an MBA degree extend far beyond your professional growth. It also helps in enhancing and grooming your personality overall. From acquiring better communication skills to becoming more organized, detail-oriented and punctual, you cultivate a host of positive traits that fuel your growth as a person and also help you become a more well-rounded professional.

Give your career a boost today

If you have been contemplating lending impetus to your career with an MBA degree, you can do so without taking a break from your full-time job. Online MBA degrees are fast emerging as an affordable and flexible way of learning at your convenience and your own pace, even more so in the current scenario where everything has shifted to the virtual realm.

With Manipal University Jaipur’s online MBA degree, you add a legacy name in education to your resume. More importantly, the curriculum of these programs has been carefully crafted, keeping in mind the pressures of working professionals’ lives. Also, the ease of access to course content allows you to study on the move. You get access to highly acclaimed faculty, industry experts, and a vast alumni network, all from the comfort of your home.

Become a part of this new and futuristic way of learning, and give your career a boost today!

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