Trying to get into a top university? Here’s what you need to know

A goal without a plan remains just a dream. For this dream to turn into reality, you need to stay prepared and stay ahead right from the start. Given the stiff competition, even the slightest of slip-ups can cost you your aspiration of getting into your dream university.

Given that there is a lot at stake, here are a few things to bear in mind as you aim for the top universities:

Plan in advance

The sooner you start, the better your chances of realising your dreams. List out all your choices and research extensively about them. Read up on the cut-offs, eligibility criteria, fees, procedure for admission, programmes, student experience, and everything else. Ensure that you meet the desired qualifications and maintain a decent score that is sufficiently above the minimum.

Planning in advance provides you with a competitive edge. And if you are concerned about the expenses, you can always consider online professional degrees such as online BBA, BCA, MBA, and MCA, that can launch your career into orbit just as well.

Maintain good grades

Your score or grade will be a clear indicator of your capabilities. Therefore, you have to perform exceptionally well in academics.

In addition to your final score, some colleges and universities may also scrutinise your overall performance and consistency. You will have to maintain good academic grades throughout your school years.

Furthermore, suppose you are switching streams or considering a niche course, you may also have to complete a foundational course and score well in that as well. Eventually, it all boils down to the numbers.

Choose a career-driven path

Fortunately, we are no longer embroiled in the Medical vs Engineering debate. We are now embracing a wealth of possibilities ranging from online BCA classes to exploring your love for fine arts.

Ideally, your course should align with your natural interests, as only that would keep you motivated. You need to have an in-depth understanding and some amount of prior knowledge of the subject matter. Create a roadmap envisioning how the programme will contribute to your career and help you achieve your professional goals. For instance, if you have an entrepreneurial streak, you can choose an online MBA programme and establish a start-up.

Shortlist at least five options and apply

As much as we would like to get into our first university of preference, sometimes things may not go as planned. For this reason, no matter how desperately you wish to attend a specific university, always keep a few backup options at hand. Ideally, you should shortlist at least five universities, depending on your course, campus preferences, etc. Apply to as many colleges so that you have backups. Also, do not discount online learning while doing so, as you can have a solid Plan B with online programmes.

Keep a tab on deadlines

Since we’ve mentioned that you must apply to at least five universities, it is equally important to consider their respective procedures and timelines. Remember that the top universities have deadlines that correspond to their academic timetable and the chances for extension are rather slim. Listing out the key dates would ensure that you do not miss any deadline.

Make it a habit to submit your application weeks in advance. By following this process, you can accommodate any unprecedented delays. At the same time, you will have enough time to correct any mistakes or fulfil any deficiencies in your applications within the timeframe. Retain a photocopy of your application and all the documents.

Tap into the power of online education

Online learning is emerging as the next big thing to disrupt the field of education. Upon sensing this shift, the Indian government and regulatory body i.e., University Grants Commission (UGC) allows top universities to offer online programmes.

Technological advancements are one of the most significant driving factors for its high rate of adoption. Students and educators can connect with each other through an assortment of platforms ranging from mobile apps to secure web channels. Whether it is for conducting assessments or video lectures – everything is available at the touch of a button.

Through an online learning programme, you can learn around your existing work-life schedule. Further, these courses offered by accredited universities carry equal weightage as any on-campus degree. For those concerned about missing out on the social aspect of learning, you can replicate the same experience over forums and learning communities.

In a nutshell, online education is defining the future.

Final words

How will you know if you can make it to a university if you don’t apply? Hence, the first and most important tip to bear in mind is to give the university of your dream everything that you have. Give it a fair shot, and your luck and hard work may surprise you. Luckily, technological advancements are making all distant and nameworthy universities accessible through online learning. Stay persistent, and your efforts will bear fruit.

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