10 Important Agile Tools Product Managers Need To Know

Introduction To Agile Tools

Product experts may agree that Product Management is no cakewalk; the job role demands exceptional versatility. While it is true that technology hasn’t yet flourished enough to completely replace the human workforce, a lot of modern tools and software help individuals to produce better results. 

Luckily, our multi-faceted Product Managers can also rely on a few modern-day tools and software to reach better outcomes without exhausting themselves entirely.

In this article, we will specifically discuss 10 Agile Management tools and software that stand Product Managers in good stead while they turn product ideas into reality. Let’s begin!

  1. Zephyr
  2. Sprints
  3. Backlog
  4. Bug Shooting
  5. Snagit
  6. JIRA
  7. SoapUI
  8. The Apache JMeter
  9. Selenium WebDriver
  10. Appium

Best Agile Project Management Software

This list explain in detail the 10 Agile project management tools and software –

List Of Agile Tools & Software

1. Zephyr

Among all the existing Product Management tools, Zephyr for Jira – Test Management is second to none. This flexible test management solution works best for Agile units that deal with Test Design, Execution, and Test Automation. One of the many factors contributing to Zephyr’s popularity is its swift and alert support team that responds to user-requests and issues efficiently.

Prime Features

  • 1-click integration with JIRA, Confluence, Jenkins & more
  • Cloud, Server & Data Center deployment alternatives
  • Advanced Analytics & DevOps dashboards
  • Annual commitment non-mandatory

2. Sprints

Another exceptional Product Management tool, Sprints, enables coherent team and Product Management. It offers hassle-free progress tracing. It helps discover Bottlenecks, thus preventing supply overstock, customer-pressure, low employee morale, and more.

Prime Features

  • Integration with CI/CD tools
  • Easy Product Feedback access
  • Device & Location flexibility
  • Permission to team-members to comment on code revisions

3. Backlog

Backlog scores the 3rd position on our top-ten list, and rightly so. The multipurpose Project Management tool is the developers’ favorite. 

Using Backlog, Agile units collaborate with different teams to adeptly deliver top-notch projects.

Prime Features

  • Easy Bug Tracking
  • Built-in Git & SVN
  • Gantt Charts & Burndown charts
  • Availability of Wikis & Watchlists
  •  Cloud & On-Premise availability

4. Bug Shooting

Software developers and Agile testers use Bug Shooting on a wide scale. The robust tool offers promising Bug Tracking and Reporting features. It works in 3 easy steps – 

  • Capture Screen
  • Edit Screenshot
  • Share Screenshot

Prime Features

  • Intelligent Capture mode
  • Professional Graphics creation
  • Easy & fast access to regularly applied tools
  • Automatic storage of captured screenshots
  • Free for personal use

5. Snagit

Snagit is a well-known screenshot capturing tool. It enables you to edit, annotate and distribute screenshots. It also provides options to submit and push screenshots instantly. Using Snagit, you can capture a website, record an online meeting, share feedback via emails, and more.

Prime Features

  • Multiple application-support including Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Gmail, & more
  • Screen Capture & Video Recording features
  • User-friendly, automatic Screen Recorder
  • All-in-One Capture
  • Panoramic Scrolling Capture
  • Grab Text


JIRA is a defect tracking tool used for Agile Testing, Project Management, and Bug Tracking. This tool helps in recording, reporting and contains integration with a code development environment.

Prime Features

  • Creation of quick filters upon a single click
  • Increased accuracy & efficiency
  • Extensive Reporting functionality
  • Freedom to create custom workflows of any size to build, test, and release software

7. SoapUI 

It is the global leading Functional Testing tool for Representational State Transfer (REST) and Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA). Web service inspection, Invoking, Development, Functional Testing, and Load Testing are some SoapUI functionalities. SoapUI allows you to efficiently and effectively devise and execute Automated Functional, Regression, and Load tests.

Prime Features

  • Open-source
  • Drag & Drop Test Creation
  • Reuse option for Functional test cases & Security scans
  • Data-Driven Testing
  • Multi Environment Support
  • Service Simulation
  • Static Content Mocking

8. The Apache JMeter 

The Apache JMeter is among some exceptional open-source Agile Testing tools that test website performance. It helps load functional test behavior and measure the website performance. This tool enables test performance on static and dynamic resources. It can also analyze overall website performance under different load types.

Prime Features

  • Full-featured Test IDE for fast Test Plan recording
  • Total Portability &100% Java purity
  • Data Analysis & visualization plugins for great extensibility
  • Easy Continuous Integration using third party libraries for tools like Maven, Gradle & Jenkins

9. Selenium WebDriver 

It is an Automation Agile Testing tool. It aims to mimic a real user’s behavior. It interacts with the application’s HTML and also permits you to execute cross-browser tests.

Prime Features

  • Compact Object-Oriented API
  • Language Support for Java, Python, Ruby, Perl, PHP & JavaScript
  • No Selenium server initializing required
  • Object coordinate tracking using WebDriver
  • Easy keyword-driven framework creation

10. Appium

 This open-source and free Agile tool helps automate Mobile Web, iOS, Android, and hybrid applications. Android, iOS, or Windows SDKs enable writing native apps. Appium works best for test automation framework as it can support various app/web types. It drives iOS and Android applications using the WebDriver protocol.

Prime Features

  • Process setup process
  • Safari support on iOS & Chrome
  • Native, Hybrid & Web Mobile application Automation
  • Language support for Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, C#, etc.
  • Native, Hybrid & Web Application Testing on physical gadgets, emulator or simulator


With this, we bring this listicle to an end. We hope that the Agile software development tools we discussed above make it to your top-ten list as well. If you’d like some professional assistance to learn multiple popular tools in Agile Software Development, Jigsaw Academy may be the right institute for you. 
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