Director of Product Management: A Simple Overview (2021)

Ajay Ohri


A Director of Product Management is liable for a business item arranging and execution all through the lifecycle of the business. This is comprehensive of get-together and focusing on necessities for the item, characterizing the vision for the item, and teaming up with different chefs from the designing, advertising, deals, and task divisions to guarantee that the monetary and buyer fulfillment objectives are met.

  1. Objectives & Responsibilities
  2. Qualification
  3. Skills

1. Objectives & Responsibilities

  • Administrative Role

First and principal, the position is a place of authority, and in this limit, the Director of Product Management supervises and is responsible to the Chief Product Officer and partners for all exercises of the item the board office.

  • Cooperation

The part of Director of Product Development is likewise one of cross-useful nature, and thusly, the Director is relied upon to liaise with other Product Line Directors.

  • Item Proposals

The Junior Product Managers are entrusted with the examination of data and details of item arrangements and methodologies that are introduced and refined further up the line.

  • Stakeholders

The Director is liable straightforwardly to the Chief Product Officer and the partners of the business.

  • Vision Creation

As the head of the item division, it is the Director’s obligation to fabricate an arrangement and develop in the office’s individuals the item’s vision, the business case, just as assembling the item arranging material essential for driving item activities further with lucidity and agreement.

  • Product offering lifecycle

The Director of Product Development, close by other item Directors, is likewise liable for creating, characterizing, and administering the item’s guide and overseeing it as needed to meet expectations for the business.

  • Consumer Relations

The Director of Product Management doesn’t just depend on the information and criticism of the lesser item administrators with regards to purchaser relations.

  • Item/Market Strategy

The Director of Product Management likewise works personally with the showcasing division to create promoting procedures, lead age methodologies, and deals systems.

  • Research and Analyses

The Director of Product Development is additionally entrusted with leading important item research; setting up serious insight and different market investigations that supplement and praise investigations previously led by junior item chiefs.

  • Item Evangelism

Like the Head of Product Management, the Director is entrusted with addressing the business and advancing the item by upholding its worth and advantages at chief briefings, advertising occasions, online shopper stages, etc. 

  • Different Duties

The Director of Product Management additionally performs different obligations as needed by the Chief Product Officer or the Employer.

2. Qualification

  • Education

The Director of Product Management must have a graduate degree in Business Administration, Product Leadership, Marketing, Economics, Finance, or a comparable work insight.

  • Experience and Track Record

A reasonable competitor will have 10-15 years of involvement with the presentation of capacities as a Head of Product Management. He will likewise have a demonstrated history in item arranging, characterizing and dispatching effective items, binding together item portfolios, and working with SaaS product offerings. 

Likewise, up-and-comers should show that they have had insight into a believed initiative to be better situated to drive and rouse a particularly huge and significant office.

As a little something extra, an appropriate contender for the position will have had some involvement with monetary administrations.

3. Skills

  • Communication abilities

The Director of Product Development will likewise have incredible relational abilities. These are vital because the position is one of a cross-utilitarian nature that requests steady collaborations and considerations with other departmental chiefs.

  • Scientific Skills 

As referenced in the capacities, the Director of Product Management is a dependable assessment and approval of proposed arrangements and methodologies from junior chiefs.

  • Leadership

As the Director of the Product Management office, all lesser chiefs admire you for initiative and bearing. In that capacity, the chief should have phenomenal initiative characteristics and can impact and move the lesser directors in applying different methodologies or systems for the item.

  • Relationship building abilities

Due to the undeniable degree of communications that is requested by this position, up-and-comers should have astounding relationship building abilities and not simply initiative abilities.

  • MS Office

The Director of Product Management should be capable in MS. Word and MS. Excel’s insightful devices.

  • Hard-working attitude

The Director should be a person who performs and finishes assignments in a convenient design; holds fast to working environment methodology, arrangements, and morals; is an imaginative mastermind, who can create item arrangements without prior warning; who shows serenity and levelheadedness notwithstanding enormous outstanding task at hand and pressing factor.


Perhaps the most critical is that such a large number of items are not altogether ready for the market. Disregarding one part of item advancement and zeroing in exorbitantly on the other typically prompts monetary misfortunes. 

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