Network Architecture: An Easy Guide In 4 Points (2021)

Ajay Ohri


The term network architecture seems to be quite relevant to the world we live in. The first-word network is all about our existence in the world today. The ease of communication with the network has led to all the convenience that we are experiencing these days. Ranging from convenience in enjoying the technologies to convenience in traveling places perfect communication has helped make our lives easier.

Hence, the credit of our life convenience goes to the benefits of computer networking. And in this article, we bring you all about what is network architecture. You can get to know all about types of network architecture and other important information. Do not miss out on any and stay tuned to be enlightened about network architecture and everything that one needs to know about it.

In this article let us look at:

  1. Definition of Network Architecture
  2. What is the role of a Network Architect?
  3. The Types of Networks
  4. Types of Network Architecture

1. Definition of Network Architecture

Network architecture is a framework of the communication network. It has all the logical and physical layout of the network and the specifications of services elements equipment protocols growth function and change of assumptions. It is the blueprint of a network where one can know all the technical details about it. This is everything that you need to know to define network architecture. 

If you discuss the modernity of the computer network architecture then the first thing that hits the mind is it is quite complicated and advanced as well. The modern network comprises a wide range of designs and architectural equipment which is important for the network organization to understand and articulate to make the best of it. A perfectly established network can be much virtuous and can facilitate a healthy network system with extensibility evolvability and robustness and it can be updated two faces the quick changes which are coming in the software and hardware market. Hence, we can also conclude that the network architecture also helps in applying functions and implementing the security protocols.

2. What is the role of a Network Architect?

A network architect is an individual who has IT certifications but most important technical skills. When you get to understand the role of a network architect, you will have a vivid understanding of what network architecture is all about. The role of a network architect is to design the networks of computers in an organization which can include the local area networks or even wide-area networks for that matter. It can also be intranets internet and other types of communication system. That is not all but on network architect also has to implement and test all the network settings so that the business organization does not trace any issue further.

In the bigger picture if you look at the role of a network architect, then we can understand what kind of dependency the market has on this. The world is ahead of time and the advancing technologies are all the virtues of a fine communication system. And network architecture examples can be given to underline the advancement of technology and communication. A network architect not only just implement and test the plans but also contributes to budgeting the networking system. Hence, we can even conclude on a mark that a business organization is as good and productive as its network architectural approaches.

3. The Types of Networks

Before understanding the network architecture types let us first go through and have a basic idea of the types of networks. In the below pointers we have the basic type of networks

Local Area Networks: These are the ones that cover a small localized geographical area which might even be a room or a building. The communication is established with the help of workstations, laptops, services, cables, etc.

Wide Area Networks: These networks are established in a large geographical area which might be a country or a state or all over the world. The connection is established with the help of satellite uplinks and the necessary equipment are bridges, routers, etc.

Personal Area Network: Personal area network also establishes a connection in a small geographical location. The Bluetooth connection for a certified connection for transmission of files can also come under this category.

Strong Area Networking: These are high-speed networking which is used for the storage of data these connections are established with the help of server’s switches and the benefit of establishing this connection over land is there is no high traffic backup in strong area networking.

4. Types of Network Architecture

The network architecture can be broadly classified into two types. Trace the following pointers and get to know in detail about each types of computer architecture.

Peer to Peer: The peer to peer network architecture allocate stars to all the devices of the network. There is no traceable hierarchy seen in the network. Hence, all the systems which are connected through peer to peer architecture have the same ability and can have access to the same system. There is no main server which is the data for all the systems. Rather and peer to peer architecture each of the computer act as a server where the files are stored and accessible by other systems as well.

There are few pros of peer to peer network. The first and the foremost advantage of peer to peer network is there is no requirement of a dedicated server due to which it is less financially draining. Above all the process of installation of the network is not fussy at all.

The Server Architecture: The server architecture or the client-server network architecture is the one where a central server is there which acts as the hub of data for all the workstations which are connected through the network. The server is the main component of the network as it is the data have and serves as a resource to all the systems that are connected. The advantage of this networking is that the number of connected computers can be used and the server can be used in all sorts of platforms.


Network architecture has a huge role to play when it comes to the functioning of a business organization. We have brought our readers’ detailed information about network architecture. Here is hoping that we could live up to the expectation of the readers and adequately enlighten them with write information about network architecture.

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