What is a New Product Introduction? A Simple Overview (2021)

Ajay Ohri


As the business grows, the company must establish new products to launch in the market. The corporation analysis the client’s demand and makes their product visible accordingly. The businesses carefully examine the concept for the generation of new products to lead to expansion easily.

In this article let us look at:

  1. What is New Product Introduction?
  2. Why implement a New Product Introduction (NPI)?
  3. How to implement a New Product Introduction (NPI)?


New product introduction is the procedure of taking a hint from a previously adopted product model and then rebuilding a new product. It’s a process that requires huge investment and time. Carefully planning is required in each stage of the new product introduction so that the consequences come favorable.

The NPI process requires constant alterations and advancements to the originally framed innovations so that the investors believe that the product is mature enough to attract clients.   


Once inventors plump on the purpose of a new product, the work of amendment and improvement initiates. Merchandise engineers join with advertising, sales, and professional recruits to define exactly which qualifications the new product must have to meet clients’ requirements. Originators float thoughts for the new product till the chances of a specific design way form itself as the finest answer.


As engineers conclude the merchandise design, production organizers initiate determining the superlative way to mass-produce the product. Their job is to recognize parts sources and develop tactics for procuring the compulsory stock to meet the construction goal line. Before the concluding plans are accomplished, inventors must also govern how to test the new product for appropriate functionality.

The individual phase of the plan procedure arises from the earlier phase. Professional forecasters endure to scale client requirements and forecast how the new product can meet them. Vendors decide how to link the new product’s competencies while the business workplace estimates the occasion for monetization. All of this movement proceeds as closing representations, parts obtaining strategies, gathering orders, test actions, and final strategy modifications creep the product nearer to the surprise of its first construction run.

Maximum corporations commence work with a contract manufacturer (CM) initial in the merchandise lifespan of a new product. Accessing the engineering corporation that will eventually build your original electronics creation proposals the aptitude to spot likely glitches and initiate solving them first. Preferably, when the CM throws the switch and surprises the first construction run, they have had the break to eradicate any substantial problems in the engineering procedure.


Supreme successful establishments comprehend the significance of applying an NPI procedure. In today’s extremely competitive marketplace, corporations must advance the specific merchandise, at the correct period and the precise price.  Evolving and succeeding in a full-bodied NPI procedure can represent the alteration between victory and disappointment. Nearly many benefits of New Product Introduction include (but are not limited to):

  • Cheap Expansion Charge: By integrating the Speech of the Client into the initial phases of the development, the proposal squad can avoid late strategy fluctuations, numerous reviews, and recurrent expensive authentication testing
  • Quicker Interval to Marketplace: With a saving in the expansion period, the merchandise will reach the buyer and start making profits earlier.
  • Extra Effectual Built-up: Concluded the active use of Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFM/DFA) preeminent rehearses, goods are planned with the progression in mind.
  • Enhanced Merchandise Class: The NPI procedure integrates utensils targeted at safeguarding the merchandise that meets the client’s desires, and the procedure is proficient in constructing superior goods on a constant basis.


New Product Introduction procedure includes a variety of phases. The phase entrance scheme keeps the organization described of the plan advancement and promises all events are finished. New production introduction involves the following phases:-

  1. Describe
  2. Likelihood
  3. Change
  4. Authenticate
  5. Implement
  6. Estimate

Each stage of the NPI procedure feed into the following. Numerous administrations look at the procedure as having an opening (Describe) and a conclusion (Estimate). Nearly differences combine Describe and Likelihood into one stage and Change and Authenticate into another. All too many corporations leave the Estimate stage out wholly, thus dropping treasured data for future developments. NPI is not a horizontal winning streak. In its place, it is a boundless ring or circle.  The most solid stage to far-reaching for numerous administrations is the Estimate stage. When the merchandise is on the marketplace, we haste to the following and then the subsequent, failing to feed teachings refined into later developments.

At each stage of an NPI scheme, there are contributions and yields.  In tallying, there are numerous necessities, utensils, certification, and procedures inside each stage.


Introducing a new product is permanently a contest for all corporations no matter what it is. As stretched as you remain to make roughly, that will, in turn, assist the buyer and sort their life a lot cooler; with the correct advertising policy, it might feasibly be an accomplishment.

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