Method Of Procedure Meaning: A Basic Overview In 2021


Strategic issues are increasingly becoming an important part of the modern era of business. In this scenario, managing an organization strategically and monitoring and controlling organisational personnel’s performance is crucial for organisations’ long-term sustainability. To achieve the organisation’s goal and overcome all the strategic issues, the organization should adopt the proper procedure method.

  1. Method of procedure meaning
  2. Where did the Method of Procedure Guideline Originate?
  3. How can a Product Team Use a Method of Procedure?
  4. A Method of Procedure Template for Product Managers

1. Method of procedure meaning

A Method of the procedure is an In-depth examination of the operation we will perform and a sequence of suggestions for completing a particular project.

A method of procedure is distinct as compared to the standard operating procedure (SOP). The standard operating procedure is a set of written instruction that documents a routine or activity followed by an organization. The development and use of SOP’S are an integral part of an organisation’s successful quality system. While a Method of Procedure describes a set of procedures for doing work, technical employees follow this procedure for doing work. Some of the characteristics of MOP are also having in SOP, and this procedure can be applied in the field like (research, Military, medical), so we can say that an SOP gives more freedom to the employee. Effective MOP means helps technical workers to manage complexities in the organization.

2. Where did the Method of Procedure Guideline Originate?

The procedure method emerges for technical employees in construction, data centre management and electrical work. It Originates as a method of ensuring the team complete the task in a certain order with the right equipment. Working with the help of guidelines that reduce the safety risk and human error. 

The Method Of Procedure aims to find the best and most efficient way of using available resources. Hence, the team performs the task using specific tools to achieve the goal of an organization most efficiently. Method Of Procedure generally eliminates unnecessary Steps involved in certain procedures or by changing the process’s sequence. 

Properly written Method Of Procedure meaning help technical employees in understanding the workflow easily and effectively. It describes how the work is carried out effectively and efficiently without making technical errors. It also helps reduce human error to an acceptably low level. 

 It also describes the specific standard and code for using the workplace’s equipment for the technical employee. 

Where a project may involve different stages with high-risk activities such as essential power connection and equipment load transfer, there may not enough detail to be able to provide information for some of the stages of work at commencement of the project, Approval regarding change should be obtained only up to the extent  (stage) where there is the confidence that the proposed MOP  will cover the identified risks and Every high-risk activity should be treated as separate  MOP. 

3. How can a Product Team Use a Method of Procedure?

A product team can use a procedure method to design a process for managing new requests from stakeholders to reduce the probable disruption to an acceptably low level—this involved building a simple step by step process to help the organisation’s employees. 

4. A Method of Procedure Template for Product Managers

Method Of Procedure may contain distinct elements, and detail’s,  based on the complexity of the operation to be carried out and the probability and impact of a failure in its implications. For example, the field’s“expected result of the action” could be added to every step in the procedure.

To have an effective Method Of Procedure meaning, it needs to be followed at every point of time and use of such MOP  by the appropriate person, supervisor, depending on its policies.

Every Procedure should include a title, description of the procedure, other approval like signature, authority, date, unique identifier, and version control.

 Method Of Procedure should include other information, like safety requirements, special tools and parts, procedure sequencing, and a back-out plan.

For example, a Method Of Procedure can be given to employee responsible for handling preventive maintenance tasks. The step by step direction will be provided to the worker, along with expected corresponding outcomes for verification. If an unexpected event occurs, the worker will have to record such an unexpected event. Additional analysis of such an event may justify the organization, whether its inclusion or exclusion while preparing the revised Method Of Procedure.   

The most important thing in MOP is the step by step instructions that to be followed to complete the operation. Each instruction needs to describe-depth to indicate exactly what needs to be done and the expected result.

 Anyone in the company wants to give an idea regarding the product roadmap, and they would submit a proposal to their product manager. This proposal would have to include a step by step process and supporting evidence that added value to the company.

Assuming the Product Manager found the proposal was worth taking and addressing the stakeholder’s individual concern. The next step is PM held a meeting with the core team and describing the cost and benefit of this product, and if they decided that the project is worth doing, then they allocate work. 


From the say, the  method of procedure meaning actually help an employee to understand the flow of work without making a human error and reduce the risk of omission at an acceptably low level and if employee doing the right job with the help of MOP than it will benefit to an organization in terms of clarity in product design and cost reduction and unnecessary distribution in business.

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