What is Product Launch Plan? A Concise Guide For 2021

Ajay Ohri


A product launch requires intensive planning that will ensure that every individual in your company is aware of the product you are about to launch and puts forward the right impression and solution regarding your product to achieve your maximum profit goals.

  1. What size product launch are you working on
  2. Creating a Product Launch Plan
  3. Recognizing the importance of the Product Launch Plan
  4. Filling Out the Product Launch Plan Template

1) What size product launch are you working on

At the outset, it must be understood that product launches may be of different sizes and types. Briefly, they include:

  • Soft launch: Here, the product is launched without much show or fanfare. This usually takes place when there is a product sale transaction between two businesses. This launch might not create a lot of bustles. It is usually done when the product isn’t ready to penetrate a big market and the launch being confined to a few customers will help get an appropriate review of the same.
  • Minimal launch: This launch is for products in the smaller range or existing products in which small developments have been made. This launch is done without incurring too much cost on marketing.
  • A full-scale launch would launch your products globally. This launch involves time, money and energy to help your product reach your mass target markets.

2) Creating a Product Launch Plan

Your product launch plan will inform your organization and its members regarding the arrangements you have made and what it would mean for them. The process of making it will help one consider the various parts of the launch so that one can execute the plan/ arrangement in a solid and steady manner.

3) Recognizing the importance of the Product Launch Plan

It is crucial to spend quality time in planning the launch of a product. This will ensure a higher probability of success of the product in the market and help one reach their goals. Documents such as your target markets’ requirements, your market strategy to penetrate said markets. Lastly, the product requirements would provide good resources to effectively pan out your product launch plan’s initial stages.

4) Filling Out the Product Launch Plan Template

It is essential to provide a back story to your product launch. This is done through a product launch plan template. The template would explain how the launch will pan out, its activities, and its reasons. It will summarise why the launch plan is in such a manner and enumerate on the budget you will need to execute the said launch.

The Executive summary will elucidate your campaign’s goals, the company’s objective and how the launch’s success will be calculated. This is done after creating the whole template, like a conclusion. As the word states, the product description will describe the products’ main features and benefits to address a target consumer’s problem. The template should also contain an elucidation of the target audience of the product and its launch. The template should enumerate the key message that the product entails to the market and your company. It should also address critical success factors, timelines, internal commitments to various parties, marketing communication that is being resorted to, risk analysis, assumptions, etc.


Product launches may often seem like a long, tiring and complex process. But by following the right organized method, it will help reach success most efficiently after addressing all possible loopholes.

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