Product Launch: Everything You Need To Know In 4 Easy Steps (2021)


The product launch is when a company chooses to launch a new product on the market and make it available to the buyers. The product could be an old product that has been on the market, or it may be a brand new creative product that the company has produced. Product launch includes a long process such as identifying consumer desires, product creation, product research, promotion and advertisement, and ensuring that the product hits all of its targets. Effective product launch provides the company with a market drive. Good product launch helps in the following:-

a) Creating awareness as introducing a product or company through sales activities, events, and campaigns mean that the advertisement is seen and that people become conscious of the product or brand. This also helps in increasing the customer base and revenue. 

b) Proper Planning and Staffing will provide an understanding of the plans to be adopted. The tools and personnel needs of the product along with the training required to take care of the product after it is launched to the whole marketplace.

  1. Product Launch Plan Template 
  2. Is there a Product Launch Formula?
  3. How do you launch a new product on the market? 
  4. What is the Difference between Product Success and Failure?

1. Product Launch Plan Template 

Businesses need to schedule their new releases systematically because a successful product launch involves the effort of several teams around the company such as product management and development, marketing, finance, distribution, customer service, PR, etc.

Each and every company’s product launch ideas are unique but the standard checklist will include a basic product launch steps and below are the following:

1. Help the team to achieve and execute the corporate strategy outlined in the Product Roadmap.

2. Check and QA the current product.

Note: Product releases for software applications normally takes place after many testing stages. Alpha testing is the first round of end-to-end testing of the product which is conducted by employees of the company. When this standard is cleared, then the manufacturer sends the product for beta testing, which includes actual consumers but is also before the final consumer releases the software.

3. Plan and supply sales and marketing collateral.

4. Sales staff should be trained properly for the launch of a new product.

5. Customer Service Group should be trained for the new product.

6.  The product and/or technical documentation should be completed.

7. The whole company should be aware of the new product launch plan.

8. Create and check out the consumer experience of buying the product, make sure the process is as seamless as possible.

9. Create a plan to monitor user experience and collect reviews from early users.

10. Decide the measures that can be taken to measure the performance or failures like sales or new users within a given timeline.

11. Develop a product launch marketing plan where the product management talks of future issues or missteps that might come as a hurdle while the product launch and prepares contingency strategies on each specific issue in advance.

2. Is there a Product Launch Formula?

There is no such product launch formula but there are strategies and techniques that product managers should use for successful product launch, regardless of the field they are in.

For example, the right strategy for big business would be different from the strategy for a biotech startup. However, merely because there are variations in strategies with particular goods, it does not mean that there are no ways to release or launch the product around the board.

1. Launch before you are 100 % ready to go.

In the modern age, one approach that always works is to deliver the product as soon as you are sure that it can provide value to your customers, even though it is before you have mastered it or created all of the features that you wished to add. 

2. Create the overall user interface.

When a company broadens its thinking and develops a product launch (and post-launch) strategy to include the best possible environment with any part of the customer’s path, it is much more likely that the product will be successfully delivered.

3. Begin with the end in mind. 

The development leaders should avoid the temptation to jump straight in and start developing a new project. Progress starts with a lot of forward-looking strategies, analysis, and long-term strategies for the product.

When organizations use this strategy, their strategy allows setting a range of quality objectives. These priorities should be designed to address the particular challenges of target customers. Once you have those priorities for the project, you will begin to transform those priorities into a strategic blueprint that is a design roadmap.

Finally, after you have developed the roadmap and the partners have approved it, you will begin to split the high-level strategic goals of the Roadmap into clear customer stories and functionality and place certain activities on the project backlog.

3. How do you launch a new product on the market? 

How to launch a Product is an exciting and challenging moment, but proper preparation will help to minimize the uncertainty and prepare the team with a strategy to handle the pressure in a better way.

1. Target the ideal customers and know the audience.

2. Solve the Problem – Any product on the market has to solve the problem. There are the simplest items on the market where consumers know they have a problem and are searching for a solution.

3. Careful Positioning Against the competitors – Each commodity has a rival and you need to know what your company is competing against to successfully deliver a product.

4. Reviews and feedbacks – One of the main aspects of product introduction is reviews from the clients. You can make all the analytical evaluations of your audience before you start, but nothing compares to the direct input from your real consumers.

4. What is the Difference between Product Success and Failure?

The effective product launch process needs a lot more than buying your items. It has to be an effort from business along with the teams of an organization.

Product launches require a lot of preparation and lead time. You need to make sure all the various main elements are ready for the big day. This involves publicity strategies, product launches events, qualified sales and service staff, and a completely checked product.


If you and your team are willing to prepare and run a smooth product launch, you will dramatically improve the probability that the product can engage with consumers and create excitement on the path to commercial acceptance, making the product a success. 

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