Product Management Templates – 7 Important Types


A product manager moves forward to create a product that will be “above the bar”. He is responsible for all the activities right from product planning to the successful execution of the product. He has to develop a vision for the product and work closely with other departments to achieve success. A product manager has to create a product road map, analyze market conditions and define product features. However, product management templates make all these tasks a lot easier and help the product manager accomplish the overall business objective proficiently.

  1. Product Management Templates
  2. List of Templates

1) Product Management Templates

Product management templates help in creating a detailed product plan, road mapping quarterly goals, tracking a to-do list, tracking customer feedback, planning specific features and managing meetings. From improving the product features and determining competitors to making a strategy and tracking progress, product development templates are all you need. It helps to provide an outline for your overarching plan.

2) List of Templates

  • Business Plan Templates

Business plans are crucial for any organization in any industry, and the use of product development templates is escalating gradually. The product development plan templates help make an appropriate strategy, analyse the market, identify the target customer and help gain a competitive advantage.

  • Product Road map Templates

The templates help to identify the various steps and processes involved and prioritize them as per their importance. It will also help to track the progress and see the achievements made. The templates make the stakeholders, and the teams understand the vision and work on their goals.

  • Competitor Analysis Templates

Nowadays, various new product development templates are coming up of which one is the competitor analysis templates. It helps identify the existing and potential competitors and determine their strengths and weaknesses. This further helps to understand the competitor and develop a strategy accordingly to tackle the competitors effectively and efficiently.

  • Agile Development Templates

When creating a new product, new product development plan templates come in handy. The agile development templates help simplify the process and help your team make a superior product. Using this, you can assign them tasks and track them as well as allot tasks for the future.

  • SWOT analysis templates

The templates help determine the strength and weaknesses of the competitor and take action accordingly. It also suggests the opportunities and threats prevalent in the market and the course of action that would be preferable in different market conditions.

  • Gantt chart Templates

 These charts are used to plan date-driven work. Using this, the task can be scheduled as per time constraints and managed accordingly. It helps to prioritize the task as per the significance and help deliver the project on time. It ensures that no extra time is allocated to a chart then essential.

  • Growth Experiment Templates

The product specification document template is largely used to create products of a specific type. The growth experiment templates help you by not starting a product from scratch and instead use the proven and successful strategies to develop the product. You will be able to note, plan, track and analyze the experiments your growth team is executing and see to it that the growth experiment is linked with your goals.


Thus, whether it is the development of a product or analyzing the competitors, these templates make the work trouble-free and help achieve the goals. The excel product management templates are also much relevant for effective business functioning. Various free product management templates are also available online, which can be used on a day-to-day basis. The templates help simplify the workflow and optimize the daily routines.

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