Product Management – With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility!

Who is a Product Manager? 

Somone who develops a product? Or is he someone who innovates a new product idea? Or is the Product Manager someone who is just responsible for ensuring that a product reaches the market? 

Well, the answer is astonishingly yes to all the above questions!  

A Product Manager is the most inquisitive and innovative mind in an organization, who is impeccably talented in identifying a market opportunity and monetizing the same with the help of teams from across the organization. 

Being expert leaders in a domain, or sometimes in multiple domains, they are constantly aware of the ongoings of their market. They are aware of the technology in play, the marketing strategy used, the finances invested, the returns obtained and the future scope of the product. They are in their own essence the true product gods of their domain. 

Although Product Managers always existed in the system, without a specific name, organizations today have started recognizing their need, importance, and necessity in making a business successful. Product managers in recent times are an integral part of every business/organization irrespective of its size, scale or market and are an irreplaceable asset. 

Product Manager work on multiple levels. They often ideate a product/service, innovate all its uses, implement the idea, industrialize it to scale to meet the market demand and then improve the same based on customer feedback. These kinds of Product Managers are often the whole and soul of the product. They call the shots regarding every aspect of the product after collaborating with the respective team. They are responsible for the product design, money invested in its production, marketing, scaling and the money that it eventually brings into the business due to its success. And often there are expert Product Managers who are brought in on already existing product to improve them or beat the competition with an innovative idea. However, this phase is usually for those with decades of experience in Product Management across domains 

If you are an aspiring Product Manager then you must most definitely check out our – Essentials Of Product Management, A Kickstarter Guide To Understanding The Domain – curated just for you. 

Irrespective of our previous experiences or future ambitions, as beings with minds we always have millions of thoughts regarding the turn we are about to take or the leap of faith we need to take to reach the next level. Often, we just wish we had a light at the end of the tunnel to guide us or give us assurance regarding what is in store for us moving ahead. This beginner’s guide in Product Management is designed just to do the same for you.   

Along with walking you through the roles and responsibilities of a Product Manager, it will also help you understand the various frameworks, best practices, working methodologies that you can adopt to become not just a successful Product Manager but also someone who creates immense impact on the business and its people. 

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