Product Manager Resume: Important Tips and Tricks in 2021

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In this article let us look at a Product Manager Resume. There is a new job opening in your dream firm for a project manager role. You have been eyeing a product manager role for a long time as it could bring a huge jump in your career. However with thousands of applications for the role what is it that will make your resume stand out? The recruiter and the hiring manager should be able to get the impression that you are the best fit for the job.

And for this, you need to ensure that you follow these tips and tricks to make the perfect project manager resume. Read below to know what you should and what you should not include in your resume. Also, go through the product manager resume sample attached below that will come in handy when you start making your product manager resume to apply to the product manager position.

Product Manager Resume Tips

Product managers are multitalented and there is a high probability that you may have worked on various roles and taken up varied responsibilities. However overly stuffing your resume is not what is going to make you look more competitive. The main aim of your resume is to get shortlisted for the interview. You thus do not have to focus on all the things that you are capable of doing but just restrict to highlight your best responsibilities in the product manager resume.

  • Tailor-make your resume as per the position

Product managers find job opportunities in various industries. You need to design your resume so that it meets the current needs of the employer. And to achieve this you need to customize your resume as per the job description that you are applying to. Make note of the responsibilities and the skills that the job asks for and if you have any experience in them then you should highlight it in the resume.

Make use of keywords as per what the recruiter is looking for. A big benefit of this is that it increases the chances of your resume passing through the applicant tracking system or ATS. This is a program that scans through various resumes and picks up only those that have the relevant keywords.

  • Problem-solving is an essential skill (Highlight it)

Product management is complex and the recruiter needs to be sure that you can handle problems that may come up at each stage. You need to be able to break down the complex issues and then prioritize the case to be able to design the best solution.

Using data and setting up measurable goals is the key and if you can showcase your problem-solving skills in your resume then there is nothing like it. If you have relevant experience in say agile or are efficient in working with limited resources then enrich your resume with information on how you can tackle various problems with your expertise. It is crucial to show product manager skills.

  • Focus on the outcome

The hiring manager will look at the results that have been consistently demonstrated in your previous roles. The resume should be able to bring forth any tangible outcomes with numbers and metrics if you can. You need to craft your resume that focuses on your achievements and skill sets and not just put in a vague list of responsibilities that you have handled in the past. Quantifying your past work experience does work.

  • Highlight your technical expertise

To know the best industry practices is a major requirement of a product manager. If you are skilled with various processes, frameworks and methodologies then make sure to include them in your resume. This is especially useful if the job description asks for the same. Instead of just putting in the skills that you have, list them in a section where you show your skills in context to the projects and how you have applied them.

  • Stick to the basics

The above are the tricks to help you make a product manager resume that stands out. However, it is also important to not forget the basics of resume making.

  • Be concise and do not exceed the resume by more than one page. This will also guide you on cutting out the less relevant parts and focusing on only those bits that are relevant to the job role that you are applying for.
  • A traditional format for the resume works the best and most recruiters like it when the resume is kept simple. Also write your history of work in reverse order.
  • Your resume should be easily scanned. This is possible when you have clear headings in every section and concise bullets which make it easy for the hiring manager to browse through your resume and understand what you have to offer to the company.
  • Do not forget to proofread your resume one last time before you click on the send or submit button. You may catch some errors at the last minute. It also pays to ask a friend or colleague to browse through your resume with a fresh eye.

Sample Resume Example

Here is a project manager sample resume.



Email-id LinkedIn profile

A short introduction about yourself 

Passionate and a value driven product manager with experience in managing SaaS innovations. Manage and prioritize multiple projects as per the specifications and sticking to the budget restrictions

List the relevant skills

SaaS solutions


Technical product R&D

Professional experience (in reverse chronological order)

ABC Company (specialization-FROM and TO year)

Education (in reverse chronological order with any job-related education to be mentioned first)


If you want to increases the chances of getting an interview call for the project manager role then make use of these writing tips in order to craft a solid resume for the job role of a product manager. A product manager is not restricted to a single industry which is great for someone who is seeking a job.

There are various products in the market and all of these rely on the expertise of a good product manager to help them achieve their goals seamlessly. A comprehensive resume works the best but makes sure to not over flood it with information. Keep it concise ensuring to cover all the relevant information that can highlight that you are the best match for the job opening.

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